Monday, December 19, 2011

Ya Allah! Ya Allah! Rasa nak pitam patplohpat kali

"I want my face to be light and bright. Like in the tv there, the safi rania gold"
"Please mother, can you buy for me the safi rania gold" (repeatedly)

*shock and confuse but refuse to entertain her and asked her to take shower instead*

"Please mother (crying mode), i want to look light and bright like safi rania gold, please mother, pleaseeee...huaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Tingggggggg (idea)

"ok, when u 20yso, i will buy for you"

"but when 20yso, u already very old"
"nevermind, at that time you can use safi rania gold, now cannot becos u still a child "

Dem u tv ads! Takkan umur baru 6 tahun dah feeling nak cantik mcm rozita che wan kottttttt...adoi anak ayah niiiiii.....


  1. pergghhhh jenoh berpeluh layan rengekkan nak safia rania gold....hahahahah, gelak golek golek

  2. Qaseh - tu le pasal gaknya.

    mamasyaza - mina ni mmg tau tiap hari ada je menda dia mintak.

  3. hahahaha.. mina!!!! penat aku gelak kak oiiiii!! mcmana jauh sgt dia pk!

  4. kalu hari2, bukan gelak, nangis golek2 akak tau.