Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some Illusion

Situation 1:

Maktok: Bilik airnya bau longkang.
Me: oh, ye ke.

Went to Giant and bought some air freshener. Immediately hang in the bathroom.
Next day.....

Maktok: Apa bungkusan kecik warna putih kat bilik air tu? (with alarmed eyes, scared of some mistique stuff i think).
Me: Air freshener lah mak. Kan mak cakap bilik air bau longkang. Letak tu biar wangi. (hoping i knock out some sense to her).

I am certain our bathroom is the cleanest she ever encounter, except if she get in there right after Sarah had her big business, than it will explain the smell.

Situation 2:

Maktok: Malam tadi, bilik tidur nya bau sampah. Busuk. (make scowl disgusted face describing how smelly it was)
Me: Oh ye ke? Takde sampah dalam bilik tu. Sampah kat dapur tu, tong tu bertutup.

Light up vanilla scented candle and put it in her bedroom. Maktok looked at it and with very concern voice asking me what am i doing. I told her that the candle scent can removed the 'sampah' odour. Again worrying over nothing, she said i might burn down the house.

The room is cleaned and mopped every single day! I already placed ambir pur in that room before she came. Hantu sampah busuk mana pulak yg lalu malam tu...demmmm. Maybe Mina fart when she sleep there that nite. Yes, that would be the logical reason. Mina fart...kentut..konfem busuk.

Situation 3:

Maktok: kita tengok tv, orang kat tv tu nampak kita ke?
Me: Tak. Tak nampak. Diorang cuma tengok kamera je.


Maktok: Kenapa cerita kat tv yg bukan-bukan ni. Selalu tak macam ni pun.
She is watching the same cinetron/ drama/ whatever shown in 101, 102, 103, 106 channel.

Situation 4: Its all about the money, money, money....(sing along)

I took RM100 from cekpen wallet to buy Sarah's milk.

Maktok: Kenapa kau ambik duit akie? Nanti dia tak marah ?
Me: Tak marah. Nak pergi beli susu sarah.

Come back with the milk.

Maktok: akie marah nanti kau ambik duit dia. Kau tak cakap pun dengan akie.
Me: T_______T
Maktok: Macam mana ni? Macam mana nak beli susu, duit takde.
Me: Mak dah lah, jangan fikir lagi. Jangan tanya lagi. Duit ada. Jangan risau.

On another occasion ...still money is the subject.

Maktok: Kereta dah habis bayar belum?
Me: Belum
Maktok: Macam mana nak bayar ni, takde duit, nak cari duit macam mana...
Me : Ada duit mak. Kita bayar. Mak tak payah fikir.

Maktok: Habis, duit van sekolah anak-anaknya, kena bayar tak.
Me: Dah bayar dah.

Maktok:  macam mana niiii.....semua nak kena bayar. mak takde duit.

Money subject were brought up on daily basis. T_____T

Situation 5: Makan. Another daily struggle too.

Maktok: anak-anaknya sarapan apa? Kesian nanti lapar tak makan.
Me: Makan mee/bihun. hotdog/ burger/ soto/ nasi lemak/ roti/ spagetti/ kuew teow.........list go on.

Maktok: Anak-anaknya tak dapat makan nanti, nasinya habis dah. Macam mana nak beli beras.
Maktok: Akie tak marah ke, mak makan aje kat sini.
Maktok: Ikan nya bau hanyir.*make euwww face*
Maktok: Ayamnya bau hamis. *make euwww face*
Maktok:  Sayurnya bau bawang putih ni . *make euwww face*
Maktok: Mak nak bubur kosong aje.
Maktok: Ikan bilisnya hangit.
Maktok: Ikan bilisnya cucuk2 terselit kat gigi aje. Mak taknak bilis.
Maktok: hiiiiiiii (disgusted face), pedas ni....pedas..heiii..pedas!

Ok...get it! Hahaha...am not writing this down as if am angry. I am not angry at all. This is what i've been dealing everyday. And i know how to keep my emotion in tact. Actually there's more but banyak sangat pulak nak taip..malas hehehe.

I keep my mind distracted by reading some stuff online. Not blogwalking or read knowledge base kinda thing. Some stuff that stupid enough that would make me laugh like hell. Yes, a good laugh, thats all i need.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Firework moment sleeping partner

So whats up with maktok? Well, maktok back in the house on Friday last week. Masa CNY kitorang gi cherating, so maktok stayed with makcik mini in Klang. Supposed to pick her up on Tuesday, but makcik asked to wait till Friday.

Since its CNY, and we are living in a multiracial community, we can't escape the fireworks everynite. Maktok jadi takut. Even masa kat rumah makcik mini lagi dah takut dah dgn bunyi mercun tetiap malam. So when she came back, maktok scared to sleep alone in her room. 

So dah 2 malam maktok tidur berteman. Malam semalam, Awish teman maktok. Malam tadi Mina teman maktok. Malam ni mina dah put me in the list to sleep with maktok. Need to make sure Sarah dont take her nap today so that she sleep early tonite. If not camno nak teman maktok. Sarah cannot sleep together cos of nanti she push maktok away from the bed.

I guess until maktok overcome her fear or until no more firework popping at nite, this will be our sleeping pattern. 

Cinta Muka Buku Big Fan

At the moment the craze over Selena Gomez calm down a bit. Awish introduced Cinta Muka Buku by Najwa Latiff to Mina. Mina hooked up ever since and start memorizing this song via youtube.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vegeta Ummi

Thanks to Dragonball series, now I have Vegeta as a son. Vegeta the super saiyan villain character in the series. Darwish is obsessed with him and start wearing goggles around the house and make us called him Vegeta whenever he wear the scouter (the gogglelah). Even now cekpen called me Frieza , the most notorious no joke super villain among all, he is Vegeta master by the way. Tak caya? Baca sini hahahah.
Sabor jelah mak ko  ni. 

Last night sambil pakai scouter ni Darwish sebut "ummi". Then dia tanya, "mak boleh panggil mak ummi?"
I frowned a bit and said yes. "boleh, ummi tu bahasa arab, sama macam emak dan mother". Macam2 budak punya imgainasi kan. As long as i can tolerate the brutalness, and my 'power' level reading at the scouter is high it shud be ok. Am still the master around the house =B.

By the way, the craziness over dragonball had infected me. Cekpen take a short cut by reading wikipedia straight to find out how the series end, giving me a hint on what its all about. Thus make me curious on how the stories goes. End up, i've been digging for more on the world wide web, looking for episodes on youtube, reading all the sources available, up to getting hooked up on some fanfiction and dramas that was merely created by the fanatic fan of dragonball. Its amazing cos i don't do this even when all anak dara and mak dara and nenek dara kat malaysia dilanda ribut Aaron Aziz =P. Yes, i haven't watch any aaron aziz movie or drama yet. So ketinggalan keretapi, i know.

These fans even created short stories or more like a novel cos takde picture or video involved, based on the series and twist the plot according to their imagination.  In fact plot out the stories between Vegeta and Bulma, which will never appear in the original version of Akira Toriyama workpieces. Well I read t somewhere that akira boss or the company actually want him to do the stories on Vegeta and Bulma but he refused to do so. Its not his cuppa of tea. Ok, enough with dragon ball here. eh..last sekali, yeah vegeta is really hot  cos he's the bad guy here but not the strongest though and he died twice hahaha. ok cukup.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend di kampung and how to show that you care

Gambar ulangan.

Alhamdulillah, pagi Sabtu balik ke Tampin sekejap. Cekpen dah rindu kampung. Sebelum ni sebulan sekali mesti balik, paling lewat pun 2 bulan sekali, sekarang takde sapa kat rumah pusaka tu so jaranglah balik. Boleh baca kesedihan cekpen kat sini. Luar rumah terjaga elok, macam masa Atuk and uwan ada. But kat dalam rumah memanglah berbeza. Unlike me, cekpen memang lahir dan membesar kat rumah ni, so of cos the sadness tu sangat mendalam. I don't mind balik kampung ni semalam dua even nobody at home but its all depends on cekpen.  

Then sambung perjalanan balik ke Pontian. I grew up here but was born kat rumah lain. Rumah yg sekarang my eldest brother duduk, sebelah kampung ni, is where i was born. I start duduk asrama masa Form 1. From then on, i was a bit distance with mak. I dunno why, padahal sebelum tu mmg sampai darjah 6 tidur bawah ketiak. But memang in our family we don't show much love. We are very simple, from house, what we wear, what we eat, everything seadanya saja. And of cos we are not 'orang senang'. It seems like we tak kisah sangat but in actual no. We do care each other, its just how we live our life mmg macam tu. A phone call to my mom mmg i jarang buat. Orang lain mmg akan selalu call kan. For example cekpen, he never failed to call kampung every week. Now he still called abah every now n then. But me sebulan sekali tu paling kerap.

But in recent event, i start to change. I try my best to change. Called mak kat kampung, which i hardly do before. When mak was around in november and december last year (bunyi macam dah lama kan, padahal baru je sebulan), my kids don't really welcome her. I am saddened with that. They were saying things like "when maktok want to go home?", "why maktok stay here too long?"" I don't want maktok here". Can you imagine how i feel when i'm old, and my cucu's say such things? (kalau panjang umur sempat dapat cucu =B)

They don't mind maktok datang sekali sekala, but they are not comfortable when maktok stay longer. I don't want my kids to feel that way  and doesn't know how to show their respect. I want my kids to appreciate, respect, love everyone especially the elderly. I don't want to raise my kids that growing up only think what they want, what interest them only. I am not a good writer, i don't know how to put it nicely here, but there's so much more i wanted to tell.* Sigh...*

I just had breakfast with mak. She finished a bowl of porridge and 2 cube of nasi impit. She tried the kuah lodeh, but she said its too spicy. There's no chilies or pepper in it but i guess her taste bud dah become more sensitive. Even the same milk (enercal) yg i bring from kampung, which she had every morning, she said its too sweet. No sugar added.

Last nite, she also had a bowl of porride and nasi sesenduk. Oh i put few pieces grilled chicken jugak and dia makan. Not bad huh, cos kat kampung she only had porridge, vege soup and fish je. And another good progress is she eat by herself. Kat kampung terpaksa suap cos if not mmg tak habis makan. Even ambik tisu lap, then wipe her mouth pun i let her do. I want her to move her hand and fingers.

 She also go to the toilet herself, for shower and others. Kat kampung they have to help her, push her on the wheelchair. Her mind keeps wondering around sampaikan she keep on forgetting apa yg dia nak buat.  I just want her to be mobile around the house ni, so that her muscle can exercise a bit. I don't push her much. Just tell her to come to the dining table or seat at the sofa, put up her legs and so on. Then i let her do it by herself. Alhamdulillah as now, she passed my test, her motor test.

The challenging part is her mind, her emotion. Yang ni frankly i dunno what to do. She's delusional, thinking that semua orang marah kat dia. Now that's she's here, she thought cekpen marah kat dia. Sigh. Not only cekpen, even budak2 ni bising2 main pun she thought budak2 marah dia. She feel ashamed of herself. She tak boleh sembahyang properly or tak sembahyang langsung. Nak kata nyanyuk i think boleh dikategorikan macam tu lah. Tengah sembahyang dia boleh lupa toleh sana sini, termenung and so on. She keeps on mumbling nonsense macam "mak susahkan orang", mak malu, mak tak boleh buat apa2, badan mak tak sedap".

Ni baru je she said " kalau nak hantar mak balik pontian jauh pulak, macam tak sedap rasanya ni", referring to her body. So i told her to stay a little bit longer, and promised to send her back after CNY.  Last time, she had this problem, she recuperate kat my sis house for few month. So this Friday am going to send her there for  3 days as we won't be around this CNY. If she insist nak balik then i hantarlah dia balik after that.

Cekpen pun stressed cos he's scared to do anything. Scared that apa2 action dia, mak misinterprate. Even nak bangun from the chair after dinner pun dia takut. Well cekpen pun macam i, we don't know how to show that we care, how to belai2 talk softly pujuk2, we are 'keras' like that. And at this moment what mak really need is someone who can 'talk' to her, someone yg boleh yakinkan dia, someone yg she would listen too. Somehow, that someone not that 'free' at this moment and already told mak that she cannot take care of her. All of us in the family feel very sad. We are more than willing to take care of mak but, mak actually want someone else, someone special in her heart, someone that she missed terribly when she's in depression. We all knew but we cannot do anything about it, its really sad. I just hope and doa mak can recover as soon as possible, having said that, we redha if its takes longer. We just hope we are not letting her down, thats all. we loved her just like everyone else love their parents. Semoga Allah permudahkan perjalanan hidup mak and also Abah Tampin, may Allah blessed us all.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Apam oh apam

Semalam tengahari Mina request nak bawak kuih ketayap ke KAFA. So defrostkan inti then buatlah utk dia dalam 10 ketul. Lepas tu mood nak buat kuih lain timbul. So tanya Sarah kalau dia nak kuih berwarna warni kan. Tunjuk kat dia gambar apam ni. Terus excited nak. So petang semalam prepare gitu gini so malam tadi startlah kukus kan.

Sekali dah  siap kukus semua baru perasan lupa letak ENO T___________T. Apalah yg aku tak lupa gamaknya. Kalaulah hidung boleh tanggal2, agaknya tah kat mana2 cicir. Anyway, takde eno pun ok je. Macam biasa Sarah makan gak 2, 3 cubit. Mina makan sikit berkerut2 muka. Awish tengok je terus taknak. Cekpen adalah seketul dua dia makan. Sendiri masak sendiri perabih lah mcm biasa. Nasib baik metabolisma masih tinggi, kalau tak sendiri mau ingatlah.

Pots of Herbs and spices

Rentetan baca blog mrs kown semalam, (rentetan? dah macam berita pulak ye), I have few pots of dedaun yg biasa kita guna kat dapur. But to keep them alive, phewww mmg perit. Manjang nak mati je lah. Contohnya daun kesum, dah 3, 4 round tanam mmg akan sampai ke penghujung nyawa. Setakat ni I ada, pokok limau purut, pokok kari, daun pandan, daun kunyit yg nyawa2 ikan dah dan terkini daun ketumbar yg baru bertunas. Sikit je kan. 

Kalau boleh nak ada serai, lengkuas, kunyit, daun kesum, bunga kantan, daun sup, daun bawang. Tapi semua ni tak pernah menjadi, semua matiiiiii je.  Ni yg mmg biasa gunalah, yg lelain tu, mana2 yg boleh beli dried tak kisah sangatlah kan. Ni jenis yg kita pakai fresh yg nak ada dalam pots tu. Barulah feeling jamie oliver, tarik herbs then kirai2 masak muahahaha.

Sebenarnya, suka dedaun ni hidup fresh sbb kalau beli then simpan dalam peti ais tu, bukan tahan lama sangat. Kalau ada pokok anytime nak guna gi la petik kan, senang je. Pastu takdelah tengah masak2, bukak peti, eh takde stok daun kesum lah, eh daun sup dah habis haaaa. mencik kan bila jadi camtu.

Daun ketumbar yg baru bertunas. 
Kat kedai runcit orang acheh dekat ngan rumah ni ada jugaklah most of the time dedaun ni, tapi tu la lagi senang kalau tanam sendiri, fresh available any time. Takyah start enjin keta ke kedai kan, takyah marah kat diri sendiri sbb dah bawak list pun boleh lupa beli time ke pasar (i le tewwwww).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Astro anti klimaks dan Mina yg slow and Steady

Bila Dragon Ball Z Kai yg last week tengah peak gila, fight between Frieza, Piccolo, Goku, Vegeta, tup-tup minggu ni Astro buat surprise repeat episode 1. Bengang tak??? Anti klimaks betullah. So sekarang ni not really interested dah nak repeat tengok dragon ball, awish pun dgn tenang siapkan homework takde rushing2. Ada masa lebih dia main game sekejap (sbb belum beli buku2 ulangkaji utk dia lagi). 
Sepanjang cuti kan memang i cutikan awish betul2kan. So bila sekolah mmg dari day 1 dah ada homework dah. Tahun 3 ni dah start ada karangan bahasa malaysia. Eh ngeri le bila pikir awish buat karangan. Harap2 takdelah cikgu2 dia gi scan masuk fb, jadi bahan, macam yg selalu ada orang letak kat fb kat emel tu kan. Memang le lawak bukan anak sendiri yg kena, cuba tu anak kita, tak menangis baca?
Sambil monitor awish buat homework sambil2 tu i pakai mask. ngeh3x. macam hantu kak limah dah. Sarah duk sibuk kepoci nak pegang. 

Oh ye, pasal Mina pulak, dia dah tak bangun pukul 4 pagi. Dia bangun around 5.15-5.20 camtu. Lepas awish habis mandi. Tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, dia nak masuk bilik air tu punyelahhhhhhh lambaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt. Tensi mak tau. Monday, cekpen suh dia mandi kat bilik air dia, sekali cekpen keluar  dari bilik air masterbedroom, she's still tercegat tak bergerak.

Tuesday, cekpen suh i tengokkan pulak, then she halau me keluar bilik, dia tau nak buat semua sendiri katanya. Fineeeeeeeeeee! 5 minit pastu dia still atas katil! Pastu dah berjaya suruh dia masuk mandi, tak keluar2 pulak dah. Duduk menikmati pancuran air panas di pagi yg hening. Dah lewat punya pasal, masa tu dekat pukul 6 dah, so terus tolong dia pakai baju semua tu siap turun utk breakfast.

Pagi tadi pulak, sama jugak, dari pukul 5.20 sampai pukul 5.30 barulah nak masuk bilik air. 5.45 tak keluar2 lagi. I turun siapkan breakfast utk awish dulu. Bila naik balik, baru nak gosok gigi. Siap marah2 lagi kata kejap lagi dia siap lah. Sudahnya pukul 6 jugak baru turun. Itu pun i pakaikan baju semua. Kalau nak tunggu dia sarung panty sendiri 5 minit, sarung kain 5 minit, sarung anak baju 5 minit, sarung baju 5 minit,  sikat rambut 10 minit, ikat rambut sendiri lagilah tah berapa minit. Camtulah sekarang tiap hari. Rasa nak tarik2 rambut ni hah nak suruh dia cepat pantas bergerak. Dah macam video montaj, selooooowwwwwwww je. Memang sesuai bangun pukul 4 pagi le, barulah cukup masa nak buat semua sendiri. Pengsan mama mina oiii. Bukan pengsan penat, pengsan menengok mina take your own sweet time di pagi hari, tak sweet lah sayang camni.

Look-alike me?

Baru2 ni, eh ke semalam ye, cik puan ni, dia citer dia jumpa orang yg sebijik sebijon macam i. Excited gak nak tengok kan, but sampailah ni tak dapat bukti2 or bideo2nya. Takpe kita kasi dia meeting byk2 kali kang buleh le tu snap or rakam seminit dua. Nak tengok jugak kembar lain mak bapak ni. Katanya kita ni semua ada 7 kembar kat dunia ni, so tengoklah tahap keseirasan tu nanti. 

Masa dulu2, my fren ramai kata ada iras muka sorang artis ni. Siap ada budak kerja kat kedai makan panggil nama artis tu lagi, masa tu depan2 cekpen pulak tu. Bila tanya cekpen, dia kata takde iras pun. Tapi tu dah lamaaaa gila dah, masa kat UM lagi. Sekarang dah takde dah orang cakap camtu. 
Ni le yg dulu my fren kata iras2 tu. Tuan punya gambar (i gugel je sebenarnya) sori ye i pinjam n cropkan sbb ni bukan citer gosip. Eh ni bukan entry perasan tau. Saja je nak citer dulu2 punya citer. Kekadang rasa kelakar pulak sbb dulu2 i tak suka orang cakap iras ngan yg kat gambar tu sbb banyak benor gosip kan. Tapi sekarang fikir balik, apehal pulak nak tak suka kan, bukan ada kena mengena pun, dah namanya gosip, entah betul entah tak kan. So rasa bangang je amik tau hal2 tepi kain orang hehe. 

Ina kalau ko baca ni hah jangan lupa tunjuk bukti2 tau, gambar tu wajib, bideo tu sunat muahahaha. =B

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Imej gugelan tak tau sapa punya.

Hehe bulan 12 punya bil api dgn bil air menurun. Bil api tak sampai RM150, bil air lak ni baru dapat RM12 je. Bahagianya kalau tiap2 bulan macam ni. Bulan doblas kan seminggu kami anak beranak takde kat rumah. So siang memang takde sapa, cekpen balik malam pun tadak tengok tv ke apa kan. Tu yg jimat tu. Ni budak2 dah sekolah semua mungkin kurang jugak kot sbb tv, kipas, komputer semua off kan. Kalau orang lain dah biasa bil ratus2 tu mungkin tak heran kan, kitoang ni kalau nak cecah 2 ratus pun dah start risau tang mana terlebih guna =P.

Actually need to fix few things around the house ni tapi malasnya nak start buat. Need to fix meja makan yg asik tercabut seatnya, sebab lubang skru dah loose, thread tapping screw tu dah tak boleh nak grip the wood. Then, need to fix meja study mina yg terkehel rodanya. Roda tu i yg pepandai pasang sendiri biar senang nak alih, then biar level up dari lantai so that tak terkena air bila mop lantai. Tau jelah press wood ikea mana lasak sangat kan. So i tinggikan dgn 2 roda dan 2 support furniture yg tinggi dekat 2 inci. My mistake masa nak terbalikkan meja tu i tak angkat properly, so pressure kat roda kena papan yg sedia nipis sbb di-drill terus koyak le papan tu. sigh! The best if i can find a thin U bracket metal, tapi mana nak ada yg customize ikut saiz yg i  nak kan. Kena fikir solution lain. Need to paint some walls. Ni mmg dah berkurun niat nak paint tapi tak buat2 haih. Ni sengaja tulis kat blog ni tau, bior rajin sikit nak buat semua2 tu then boleh citer balik kat sini hehe =P.

Thanks to cekpen cos dah belikan rak kasut ni. The old one i dah buang lamaaaa dah sbb dah reput. So takdelah segala mala kasut2 tu bertenggek to each other kat luar tu hehe. Sejuk mata ku memandang entrance rumah dah.

Sekian, borak kosong takde isi sangat. Lebih suka borak kosong dari umpat atau bg pandangan peribadi pasal hal2 semasa atau gosip semasa. Cukuplah dengan membaca disana sini, nak tambah komen mmg taklah. Peace =P.

Dining Table

Yang ni i snap kat kedai kat Garden baru2 ni. 

Both table sesuai utk rumah yg ada ruang yg luas. Suka warna putih dan design yg simple kat atas tu. Yg gambar kedua tu suka jugak details kat kerusi but tak suka kaki meja tu. Table top macam crystal frosted glass tu pun very nice kan. Dulu kitorang ada meja yg 8 seater but in dark brown, masa Darwish kecik dia selalu terlanggar, terhantuk kat meja tu. Walaupun letak child proof apa tu yg rubber utk cover corner meja tu, tetaplah dia nak langgar sana sini. So end up, letgo that big table then beli yg boleh extend kat IKEA. Lepas tu letak kat dry kitchen je. So hall takde meja makan. Kuranglah kejadian terhantuk, benjol2 kepala tu. Sampai sekarang masih takde meja makan besar hehe. Sanggup bersempit kat dry kitchen tu sbb nak hall luas takde halangan utk budak2 ni. tunggulah budak2 ni semua melepasi ketinggian meja tu, baru lah nak letak banyak barang2 sikit. For now biar kurang barang, sbb tuan rumah pun kurang rajin nak melayan menjaga semua tu hehehe, dan kurang jugak nak memerintah bibik lepas tu tensi sendiri sebab hasil kerja tak memuaskan hati hahaha. 


Reka Zone, adalah satu lagi tempat yg boleh dikunjungi kat IOI Mall ni utk aktiviti bersama anak2. Sama konsep rasanya dgn yg kat 1Utama, Midvalley semua tu. Agaknyalah sebab tak pernah bawak derang masuk tempat camni before this. Nak masuk kena bayar 20hengget/pax. Wajib pakai stokin. Kat dalam tu banyaklah tempat utk budak2 ni memanjat-manjat, melompat-lompat semua tu.
 Dah lama dah budak2 ni dok terintai-intai kat dinding luar Reka Zone tapi kitorang buat tak tau je, sbb dah agak dah not cheap lah kan. Tapi masa dekat2 nak birthday Sarah tu, Mina start lah meratib nak pergi reka zone ni siap racun awish n sarah sekali. Tu yg sudahnya kitorang decide celebrate bday sarah kat ioi tu, sbb nak bawak derang masuk reka zone le.
 Kalau bawak casting model iklan ni, konfem tak lepas.
 Yang ni better lah. Sopan sikit.

 Emmm yg tua2 pun boleh jugaklah mencuba.
 Lepas dipaksa, akhirnya awish sentuh Finish spot tu. Sentuh je.
 Paling lama main kat sini. Masukkan soft foam ball ni banyak2 kat benda macam space shape tu. Nanti press button utk machine start suck the balls into the tunnel upwards then fall down macam hujan. Seronok. Kitorang pun join tolong budak2 ni kumpul bola2 yg bertaburan tu.
 Gigih Sarah kutip.
Ni ada deck kat atas utk tembak angry bird pakai konsep yg sama macam tadi. cuma yg ni boleh aim la, ala2 senapang air tu. Sarah lama duk main ni tapi tak aim betul2 so tak kena lah manjang. 
 The target. 2 ekor angry bird ngan sekor pig.

 Ni pun tukang kutip jugak. Kutip bola kat bawah hulur kat budak kat atas deck tu.
Ada inflatable, slides, tunnels, monkey bars, playhouse, wall climbing errr lagi apa ye, lupa pulak. Not badlah. But can't really tell better dari tempat lain or not sbb tempat lain tu tak pernah masuk so nak compare cane kan. Bolehlah nak lepak sini sesekali lagipun dekat je ngan rumah. Selalu tak bolehlah.
 Penat melayan. Kat sini parents kena jaga anak masing2. Risiko tanggung sendiri gitu.
Rehat sebentar.
Boleh buat birthday party kat dalam ni jugak. Minimum 30pax. Harga tak ingatlah.

Gitu je lah lebih kurang perkembangan terkini kat IOI Mall hehe. Dari jurucakap tak bergaji ni =B

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I don hav a bahtab

Koleksi gambar dari Home Inspiration

Dapat yg klasik2 camni pun dah oret sangat kan. Mari berangan....*droolllllll*

Not Clearance Sale

Ya penuh space belakang ni dgn barang2 yg nak dibuang. Ada mmg taraf sampah, ada yg rosak. Ada yg memang tak pakai dah. So kasi clear semua. Barang2 ni semua dah duduk dalam stor lebih kurang 6 bulan atau tak digunakan langsung bertahun-tahun. Sepanjang 6 bulan tu mmg takde lah dikorek2 utkdigunakan semula ke hapa kan. So mmg konfem tak perlu lagi disimpan membazir ruang aje.


Budak kecik ni, dah 2 hari join koir kat kelas dia. Best sangat! Sampai2 je depan kelas dah boleh dengar koir kat dalam tu. Bawak dia masuk kelas dia pun join sekali. Taknak lepas mama dah. Semalam pagi berjaya buat dia ralit dgn bagi makan banana yg di bawak. Signal  kat teacher than cecepat menyelinap keluar. Pagi tadi tak jalan. Terus join koir, bersahut-sahutan. Ramai pulak tu, dekat 5,6 orang koir serentak.

Last week 3 hari ok je, sbb takde yg berkoir. Minggu ni berbeza sungguh. Sorang start koir yg lain pun terjangkit. Ish, ingat esok hantar lewat sikitlah. Biar koir settle down dulu than baru bagi Sarah masuk. Sabar je lah. Harap2 teacher dapat ambik hati budak2 ni cecepat so that derang suka gi skool.

Cute le tapinya memasing huwaaaa huwaaa...i want mommy, i cannot see mommy. Teacher pulak ala2 panik sbb ramai benar nangis hehehe.

Kenangan di KeyEL dan HotChat

 Semalam, decided to got to DBKL nak bayar cukai pintu on behalf of my sis in law. Actually dah dari bulan 11 last year she requested, but asik lupa campur malas nak ke KL tu kan. Merasa sangkut kat tol sunway dekat 40 minit. Gila. Lepas tol tu jem sikit je then all the way to KL smooth, even federal hiway pun smooth. Tapi bagusnya gi bayar lambat tu, terus derang bilkan cukai tahun ni punya, so terus setelkan semua hehe. Sebenarnya lupa semalam ada event kat court ek. I dunno which court but masa dah kat hiway tu baru teringat and fikir "matilah kalau banyak jalan tutup, tak bawak gps pulak". But turn out, jalan cantekkkkk je. Clear =B.
Since tak banyak kereta (kalah public holiday pun tak lengang camni), i take the opportunity pusing kat depan Pertama Kompleks and Sogo. Pusing je lah, tak singgah. Saja bawak keta pelan2, tengok kawasan jajahan dulu2 ni hehe. Teringat dulu2 masa kerja part time kat kedai Levi's betul2 kat entrance Pertama tu. I suka kerja time cuti semester 3 bulan tu. Nak carik duit utk cover diri sendiri bila naik semester. Parents bg cukup2 je bayar sewa, ngan duit dapur 30hengget. Duit loan MARA biasanya ada dlm 1K je lepas tolak all fees. So kerja lah sekejap kat KL ni, tumpang my brother yg duduk kat kuarters TLDM kat Setiawangsa.

Kumpul2 gaji 3 bulan tu, dapat dekat 2K, bolehlah nak bernafas sikit utk next sem. Bolehlah cover duit naik van dari Vista Angkasa ke Engineering Faculty. Bolehlah nak merasa makanKFC ke McD sekali sekala. Bolehlah shopping kat Guardian hehe. Ada lagi sekali cuti tu, I kerja kat FotoZZoom kat small tourist booth between SOGO and Pertama ni. Sanggup ok Raya Haji pun kerja. Macam tu lah I spent cuti2 panjang masa kat uni. Takdan nak balik kampung sbb kat kampung kalau keje kilang, masa panjang penat sangat n gaji lagi ciput. Nasib baik ada abang kat KL, bolehlah menumpang kejap2.

Dah takde dah fotozzoom n levis kat situ. Tak nampak dah, maybe dah pindah kat tempat lain. Maklumlah dah 12 tahun lebih dah.

Anyway sepnajang jalan pergi n balik ni dapatlah dengar radio lama sikit. Semalam kat HotChat, topik derang apa yg lelaki tak suka, apa yg perempuan tak suka. Then ada satu caller ni lelaki, bagitau dia tak suka tengok wife dia pakai kain batik, muka tepek bedak sejuk everytime dia balik kerja. Macam pontianak katanya. Lepas tu DJ call wife lelaki tu, and mmg konfem la apa yg laki dia cakap tu betul , hahah. Memang FF pun tak tau nak kata apa, then FF mintak wife tu tu dress up and nanti derang nak tau apa reaksi laki dia. Heh tak tau lah apa kesudahan citer tu sbb harini i tak keluar so takdelah nak dengar radio kan.

I ni takdelah tak pakai langsung kain batik, pakailah jugak time2 sementara nak change ke hapa kan, tapi takdelah kain batik tu jadi uniform. Bibik kat rumah ni pun kadang pakai kain batik sepanjang hari, karang cekpen takleh beza pulak =P. So biasanya kat rumah ni lepas shower pagi tu i pakai something decent terus, so that bila nak keluar rumah tak perlu nak tukar2 baju. So bila cekpen balik tu biasanya idokle tgh pakai kain batik ke hapa kan. Time pantang yelah kain batik dekat sebulan heheh.

Eh napa ek, kejap i kejap aku...eh belasah lah. Menaip ni ikut apa yg disuarakan dalam kepala ni, mmg kekadang terasa macam tgh borak2 dgn my closed friend time sekolah / uni tu yg jadi aku2 tu, sometimes bayangkan tgh cakap dgn blogger, terus jadi ai-ai hahaha nasiblah, imaginasi tak tetap. Apa2 pun janji ada tempat nak membebel biar lega sikit dapat borak2 kosong, walopon dalam imaginasi je =B.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Our weekend

Mari update blog sambil minum petang. Jemput ye. Cempedak goreng ni sedap betullah. Tak menahan bau dari  jauh memanggil-manggil. Sarah tadi nak jugak try makan tapi sikit je lah, tak habis seulas pun.

Saturday morning tu, Darwish need to see Dr Koay, to check his grommets conditions. Ear drum dah back to its original shape so everything fine at the moment. Next appointment in 3 month time. Fuhhh lega. Letih mak nak gi jumpa dokter tetiap bulan tau. Sarah punya dokter lagi. Hah sendiri punya appointment pun tak terbuat-buat lagi ni hah. Takpe2 pasni my appointment pulak. Takleh tangguh2 dah. Tetiap bulan risau kalau red flag tak datang ke, lewat ke....bahaya. Tahun ni my number dah 36 dah. Kenot oredi. Must see my gynea soonest possible hehe.

Lepas settle urusan kat Sunway Medical Center, pujuk Awish not to have his usual round two breakfast kat sini. Tak sempat. Nak balik rumah cepat2 then nak gi ziarah Atuk kat spital Al-Islam Kg Baru. Atuk warded malam tu due to severe coughing. Sian atuk. Dah makin lupa dah. Baru tanya satu benda kang kejap lagi atuk tanya soalan yg sama.

Actually initial plan, nak bawak Mina teman balik Pontian and ajak maktok datang sini. But Wak Rein dah jemput Maktok from Wak Pah house, so let Maktok rest kat kampung dulu. Dah called maktok but maktok tak leh nak respond properly bila ditanya. Sedih lah. Masa hantar Maktok balik kampung tu, maktok ok, sihat  happy, now maktok dah back to her depression state. Tak lalu makan, tak boleh tidur, runsing. Maktok wanted to go somewhere in Johor, tapi tak kesampaian nampaknya. If Maktok want, weekend ni kita ambik maktok datang sini, utk tenangkan fikiran.

Lepas ziarah atuk, ikut cekpenayah gi ambik race pack. After much encouragement, cekpenayah start his first race hari ahad baru ni hehe. Nanti-nanti kita semua join hik hik. Bila dah build up stamina. Sekarang tak boleh, kang baru seploh minit dah kena panggil ambulan, buat malu jek =B.

Lepas tu singgah Garden midvalley, cekpen nak gi maxis center. Selepas tidak dilayan di Sunway Maxis Center, cekpen bernasib baik kat sini sbb ada stok lagi. Alhamdulillah, kalau tak sian lah dia, tepon asik mengong jek wat hal.

Mina and Sarah suka kacau lembu ni pulak dah.

Actually, i;ve stop so many times while typing this entry. Sampai kat gambar mina atas tu dah lost momento terus. hahaha, terus hilang ayat2 yg nak diceritakan. Being forgetful me. Anyway, last picture before i end this entry. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gosip Jamu Mak Dara

Apa yg cuba disampaikan?? 
Tagline tu ok, "Umur bukan alasan, kesihatan punca kecantikan"
And i do believe jamu ke vitamins ke supplementary did help to keep you healthy in some ways.

Yg tak  menahan is baju apakah itu? shawl? heels?
Why oh why Ibu Halimah? 
I like Pengasas Sendayu Tinggi and the late Sosilawati. Cukup. Titik.

By the way, already started my first bottle of JMD...see the result in 32 years ya =P.
I promised not to camwhore at that age hak hak =B