Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Fallin in Lvoe

'Tak kenal maka tak cinta' (jgn muntah k).

Anyway I've been reading a lot about 'her' for quite sometimes.
Whenever possible, I would 'peep', just to check the latest findings and just in case 'she' need a shelter or someone to care for 'her'.

She's everywhere, with 'her' celebraties status, 'she' can be recognize easily. No matter how 'she' dress up, 'she' looks absolutely stunning. Well that's how I look at her now...of course there's time when 'her' dressing definitely not 'in'. At least not up to my liking. Many has been trying to look like 'her'. Well with the little knowledge that I have it's hard for me to differentiate.

Over time I realised that I get fond of 'her'. I start to understand why others lvoed 'her'. But 'she's' just too glamorous and with her status I don't think 'she' would ever be mine.

Until 3 days ago, everything change. Never in my dream that I can get 'hold' of her in any dress. I can hug 'her'now. I give 'her' home. I would take 'care' and shower 'her' with lvoe.

The journey begin when I saw 'her' looking for new 'mommy'. Somebody who gonna lvoe and care for her. It takes less than 24 hours for me to decide that I'm going to 'adopt' her. Bring her home and share my love with her and my other 'kids'.

I'm overwhelme...I just can't describe how I felt when I touch 'her' for the first time...and god...'she' smell really good! She's quite old but 'she' doesn't age at all.

So now 'she's with me...heheh...I just can't keep my mouth shut about it. I hope I can...longest possible. Cos I never discussed it with my other half when I decided to adopt 'her'.

I feel content (camtu ker?)...gosh I'm crazy just writing about her in a single entry. I hope I did not over do it...(over kan? bukan virgin pun)...

That's all ....apa aku merepek ni! Gilos!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Splurging as in Dictionary

From merriam-webmaster the definition of Splurging as below:
Main Entry: splurge
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s):splurged; splurg-ing
Date: 1843 (ni apa ni?)

intransitive verb
1: to make a splurge
2: to indulge oneself extravagantly - often used with 'on'

transitive verb
: to spend extravagantly or ostentatiously

Emmm...ever since I hooked up with bloghopping...I had numerous time read about how other blogger had their daily/ weekly/ monthly or worse spontaneously retail therapy aka SPLURGING their money on shopping.
I couldn't help myself but keep on wondering where the hell they get all the money from.
For those blogger who are trifty or spend wisely (in my context is non branded or posh boutique) I feel they are a 'normal' person just like me.
Most of the time (everytime to be exact) I normally peep to their profile to check what they do for a living.
Most of my finding they are very 'normal'.
I said normal because for me:
1) Process engineer
2) PA (Personal assistant)
3) Homemaker aka housewife
4) Government servant
5) Engineer (General)
6) Medical related field other than doctor.
are 'normal' 9 to 5' worker..which being paid on monthly basis, which at certain age will be very likely to have a salary range as stated in the 'jobstreet' analysis data.

It shouldn't run much from whatever being research by 'Jobstreet'.

Somehow, if I calculate their spending or in this context 'splurging' are exceeding their 'standard' income.
I mean we need to pay for other stuff other than shopping rite? So how much we put aside for shopping, I think is roughly 10-20% from your basic pay rite????

But how this blogger can spend more??? There are few answer that I can think of:
1) They were married to a very rich man who gave them money to top up whatever they get from their monthly salary.
2) They have super rich daddy/mommy (real) or grandpa/grandma..who had enough money for the next 10 generation.

That's all I can think of...
I don't think this blogger have 'sugardaddy' cos 'hot chick' don't blog ...i think hehehe:D

When I read their entry....I've always feels like I want it too...I want to have the ability to 'SPLURGE' on lots of 'unnecessary-but-rugi-kalu-tak-beli'. And sometimes when I'm a bit 'off' I do feel that I also want the xx bags, the xx shoes, the xx tops and so on....which the price definitely does not justify the cost of producing it.

Well, lucky me, most of the time...I know who I am...and I know my pocket, bank acc balance very well...

I definitely 'NOT YET' able to use the words 'SPLURGING' on me.

And today, I'm gonna use this blogger quote..which makes me feel a lot better (cos I cannot "SPLURGE" hokey)...

"I can only conclude that it doesn't matter whether you wear expensive or inexpensive stuff (be it bags, shoes, tudung or outfit), it is how you carry yourself & project your personality"

Moralnye....If I look like a makcik carrying LV..I better just look like a thirty something mommy carrying a bag without any 'KNOWN' metal plague....

My definition of SPLURGING is when I'm willing to pay for the 'BRAND' more instead of the product real cost by giving excuses to myself such as the quality, the material, where it was produce, nice design and so on when in actual the 'FUNCTION' and other excuses mentioned above is still the same or equivalent.....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tag Gambar no 6

Ni rajin lak nak jawab tag dari Ina.
Malas lak nak copy paste soklan tu..
anyway jawapan ada 2 sbb ada 2 folder simpan gambor.
Dari komputer ni gambornye...

Mangkuk? Yep...kekadang bila koje ni mmg rasa mcm mangkuk..sama ada aku yg mangkuk or customer2 aku yg mangkuk.

Ni lak dari folder dlm picasaweb...

Tenang jek..kat jeti Kuala Kedah on 24/1/2009 kol 3.30 behkurang. Ohh yee..takde air kat toilet and surau jeti ni w/pun sebelah tu laut. So harap maklum terkucil aku laki bini kena bertahan sampai kol 7mlm baru tiba Holiday Villa Langkawi.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Boycott List

Not that I able to boycott everything in the list. But at least I try to do my bit as much as possible. This original list is from but I find it not too user friendly cos I can't memorise it. So I make up this list that I print out and keep in my bag.

From this list, items that I frequent/used/eat/drink but can be easily replace with something else are:

1)Maggie -everthing about maggie (instant noodle, sauce, etc)
2)Macdonalds - nando's can beat u anytime bebeh...whoaaa (terbayang kepedasan nandos)
3) more...only 2 items in the list related to food and drink that I eat/used more than 3 times/month. The rest maybe once or twice a year. Emm...wonder is this list updated?

Than for clothing, only 1 recent purchased which is Sara winter jacket (GAP bought in Nov 08)....the rest I can't afford it anyway.
(Except 1 fake Ralph Lauren Polo shirt from Giant which I don't think the manufacturer pay any royalty to RL ;D).

3 things used in the household which I can't simply replace are
1) Acer laptop and Clon desktop which both using Intel processor.
2) Nokia (1 for hubby and 1 back up phone for me).
3) Astro - National Geographic and Disney (PHDC) pun derang punye ke...

Not as much as I thought...pheww! Actually I never come across about50%-60% brand in the list..wonder what the hell is that..maybe utk orang kaya je kot...rakyat biasa ni tak kenal leee...
Boycott Israel Booklet

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reject Shops Priceless

As usual, on Friday, I'll normally had my lunch at IOI mall.
Sometimes there are good 'findings'...sometimes I found nothing (cos takde duit le).

Last week..heheh Reject Shop does not 'reject' me. I found my treasure there...with 20% discount summore :D (l.o.l mcm dewa gumbira).


2 Dress from Old Navy, 2 long sleeve shirt from NEXT, 1 dark grey shirt from ZARA lovely.

And the best part is the price. The 2 pair shirts original price is 10pounds...Reject Shop price is RM19.90 before discount...hahaha (gelak dewa gumbira lagi)

ZARA kids ni 15hengget sajork..muahahaha

Old Navy tu RM29.90 ye...all this is before 20% ur own math ya..:D

Yee Sang.....yam seng!!!!

Last Friday, my company organising a dinner for CNY celebration.
This is my 1st time (after working for 5 years here) sbb mmg derang tak penah buat pun sebelum ni except for last year which I did not joined bcos I'm still on maternity leave.

Normally (not in this company) my previous bosses would celebrate it at a vegetarian restaurant or any halal restaurant.

In Proreka, they bring it here at our own lawn (parking lot k)...emm mcm open house or kenduri kawen kinda thing. Ada khemah, catering, music and so on.

The theme was RED....unfortunately I don't have red shirt (excuse). So I bring spare white polo shirt and my DIY red LV tudung as a backup cos I was wearing purple blouse that day and am not planning to go home after works just to change, which I will have to find my way out from the house once my kids grab my legs.

So, what happen that nite? Well nothing much..mcm open house je. Bezanye ada emcee, karaoke and our beloved CEO (aka dewa gumbira) seems happy that nite.

We have our Tengku reading his speech (tah sapa le prepare). Bla bla bla....tepuk tgn ...habis dah!

Then we have our yee sang..below are some photos on what's on the table that nite...

Mandarin Orange....

Yee Sang that wrap in a plastic....

Yee sang being high as we highest wish is 2 years bonus (what do u think :D $$$$$$$)

The aftermath......

Overall....ok lahhhhh! can't complaint much.
Less complaint less heartache less ungratefull ...

I hope this year we (Prorekarians) don't have to works like a bull...because we have been working like one all this years.....bullshitting a lot.. may Allah help us to stay ahead, nore sincere and transparent and may all of our way in doing business more HALAL than ever...Ameeennnnn..!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Interesting Homeschool Concept

Credit to this blog owner ya..sebelum wa kena saman.
While bloghopping today, terjumpa blog littlekittle ni.
She was commenting on an entry by Mr Manager yg baru lepas makan Gulai Lampam authentic dr Nogori (mak Nubhan masak)..
Camna mama leh sampai sini...entahlah..i go with the flow...err with the mouse click to be exact ;).

I like the entry pasal how to deco a reading room/ library cum playroom. Bukan tak penah tau pasal menda2 bila baca n tgk gambar littlekittle tu rasa semangat balik nak menyambung projek terbengkalai kat umah ni.

Actually tak terbengkalai cuma, last weekend tak sambung...baru seminggu je delay....err plus another week nampaknye ye sbb ayah ajak balik nogori esok.

2 weeks ago dah start dah by re-arranging Mina's room. Pastu dah pindahkan sofa bed from bilik bawah masuk ke masterbedroom.

Bilik Mina and Sara

My plan is to make bilik bawah tu more comfortable for all our activity, filing, computer and so on.

So to do that banyak le toys yg nak kena sorting dari bilik bawah ni (dah mcm stor dah rupernya)...buang otomen yg dah hilang kaki, kepala, tangan. Buang keta2 yg dah takde stereng (roda)...mcm2 le.

Lepas sorting2 tu...bilik Mina pun dah abih cun bilik Awish lak yg agak semak sbb furniture2 yg bughok2 sumer masuk bilik dia. (Furniture buruk tu adalah rak toyogo plastik kaler peach, kaler purple and almari baju zaman bujang mama yg di buat dari kayu getah tu). Emmm...bilik awish nak kena tune lagi. Kaler sudah sgt out sbb bilik tu theme is white n blue.

Ehhh...nak citer pasal play room lerrr...
So rasanya bilik bawah ni akan di makeover selepas minggu depan.
Hasil gogelan kat littlekittle tu mmg membakar balik smgt ni...

Adakah dgn mengubah suai bilik bwh ni membolehkan sesi membuat homework yg lebih tenang? (jeritan mama n ayah memaksa awish buat homework mmg kalah mak langsuir dah...oh ye ngan rotan yg dah semakin pendek sbb asyik putus selepas berdas2 landing kat bontot awish)

Adakah tahap sepah kat living room akan berkurang?

Adakah ayah juga lebih bersemangat menyiapkan 'homework' dia?

Adakah mama akan dpt melompat2 blog sambil mengajar awish buat homework or main?...oooo sekali ngan mina n sara ye ..sbb derang 2 org pun sibuk nak wat 'homework' yg dicipta sendiri.

Dapatkah alih mata awish dari tv..dan focus ngan apa yg dia buat?
Ini sangat penting ye sbb taun depan sudah derjah 1....apa mcm kalu ini practice tak buat lagi? Masak mama nak layan homework dia karang.

Apa kena ngan title homeschool?
Err...mama suka environment tu ....pasal bilik tu je..idakle sampai nak homeschool kan my kids....huh fengsan...mau kena top up stok rotan tiap bulan kalu depa homeschool.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sedapnyeeee Lala Goreng Uptown

Asyik tertangguh jek nak citer pasal me n ayah makan kat uptown last saturday nite.

Nak di jadikan citer, tetiba je ayah ckp dah lama tak makan kat uptown. Uptown ni kat DU, food court je sebenarnye, tapi meriah.
Yg jadik feveret mama is LALA goreng. Memang sedap banget. Kat sini pun ada jual pepahat aka siput buluh. Tp pepahat sini takleh lawan pepahat kat Bagan forget about it.

Anyway, lepas dpt order tu, I'm quite surprise ye sbb rupa Lala goreng tu dah lain banding 5,6 taun lepas (yes, that was the last time we had our supper here). I takde rupa Lala goreng dulu...yg sekarang ada lah.

Ni ler rupa Lala goreng tu...hehehe dah tinggal sikit baru tingat nak amik gambar utk blog. Tu ayah tgh syiok layan kerang goreng (tak penah dengar pun). Sedap gak.

Lepas tu kitorang makan lak LANUN Sizzling Sirloin Steak dr counter LANUN western food. Nama je terror...rasa cam hampeh!

Esoknye lepas layan budak2 ni jalan2 (bwk gi atm jek sbb nak kuar duit n bayor cc pastuh antar derang balik ye sbb tamo bwk gi Giant skali) kitorang layan tekak lagi.

Gourmet Pie ngan Choc Fudge cake...

Mama ni takde masalah kegemukan lantak le byk mana pun gini jek tak besor2 pun.

Tengok balik dr Giant bibik dah masak spagetti...huhu best3x.
Tapi itu daging cincang dia tak masuk lagi dlm kuah, itu sayur2 pun belum. So ajar le dia camno nak wat cun2 nye kuah and rebus carrot n cauliflower ngan butter tu.
pastuh hidang cun2 mcm ni....

Mina sikit punye lah melantak...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sara Sudah Dibebaskan!

Ni entry untuk Sara yg genap berumo 1 tahun pd 1 Jan 09.
Sabtu petang pegi Midveli. Bibik lupa nak pakaikan kasut sbb Sara pakai legging.
So lepas pekena nandos, mama bawak gi kedai apa tah Sport tah, belikan dia selipar merah Ipanema ke apanama camtu.

Bukak legging (nampak pampers le) pastuh suh dia pakai sipar merah tu.
Pastu lepaskan dia kat MV. PErghh..mmg laju dan tak hengat donia dah. Abih semer dia nak redah ngan jalan yg terhoyong hayang drunken master style tuh.
Pedulik ar ngan mama, ayah, abang, kakak.....bibik pun dia takmo.

Tu dia ngan sipar merah.

Anyway Sabtu yg sebelum tu pun ada lepaskan dia kat indoor playground Giant BK. Leh tahan le tahap brutallity dak ni.

Ni kidnap mini tote mama sambil membotol

Merempit ngan Mina and Sofia (anak sapa tah)

Tu nak manjat tuh...