Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Fallin in Lvoe

'Tak kenal maka tak cinta' (jgn muntah k).

Anyway I've been reading a lot about 'her' for quite sometimes.
Whenever possible, I would 'peep', just to check the latest findings and just in case 'she' need a shelter or someone to care for 'her'.

She's everywhere, with 'her' celebraties status, 'she' can be recognize easily. No matter how 'she' dress up, 'she' looks absolutely stunning. Well that's how I look at her now...of course there's time when 'her' dressing definitely not 'in'. At least not up to my liking. Many has been trying to look like 'her'. Well with the little knowledge that I have it's hard for me to differentiate.

Over time I realised that I get fond of 'her'. I start to understand why others lvoed 'her'. But 'she's' just too glamorous and with her status I don't think 'she' would ever be mine.

Until 3 days ago, everything change. Never in my dream that I can get 'hold' of her in any dress. I can hug 'her'now. I give 'her' home. I would take 'care' and shower 'her' with lvoe.

The journey begin when I saw 'her' looking for new 'mommy'. Somebody who gonna lvoe and care for her. It takes less than 24 hours for me to decide that I'm going to 'adopt' her. Bring her home and share my love with her and my other 'kids'.

I'm overwhelme...I just can't describe how I felt when I touch 'her' for the first time...and god...'she' smell really good! She's quite old but 'she' doesn't age at all.

So now 'she's with me...heheh...I just can't keep my mouth shut about it. I hope I can...longest possible. Cos I never discussed it with my other half when I decided to adopt 'her'.

I feel content (camtu ker?)...gosh I'm crazy just writing about her in a single entry. I hope I did not over do it...(over kan? bukan virgin pun)...

That's all ....apa aku merepek ni! Gilos!

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  1. Oooooo LV tu Louis Vuitton...
    Ingatkan lvoe tu typo error.
    Apa la lembab sgt.. Hahaha