Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reject Shops Priceless

As usual, on Friday, I'll normally had my lunch at IOI mall.
Sometimes there are good 'findings'...sometimes I found nothing (cos takde duit le).

Last week..heheh Reject Shop does not 'reject' me. I found my treasure there...with 20% discount summore :D (l.o.l mcm dewa gumbira).


2 Dress from Old Navy, 2 long sleeve shirt from NEXT, 1 dark grey shirt from ZARA kids...how lovely.

And the best part is the price. The 2 pair shirts original price is 10pounds...Reject Shop price is RM19.90 before discount...hahaha (gelak dewa gumbira lagi)

ZARA kids ni 15hengget sajork..muahahaha

Old Navy tu RM29.90 ye...all this is before 20% disc..do ur own math ya..:D

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