Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Boycott List

Not that I able to boycott everything in the list. But at least I try to do my bit as much as possible. This original list is from but I find it not too user friendly cos I can't memorise it. So I make up this list that I print out and keep in my bag.

From this list, items that I frequent/used/eat/drink but can be easily replace with something else are:

1)Maggie -everthing about maggie (instant noodle, sauce, etc)
2)Macdonalds - nando's can beat u anytime bebeh...whoaaa (terbayang kepedasan nandos)
3) more...only 2 items in the list related to food and drink that I eat/used more than 3 times/month. The rest maybe once or twice a year. Emm...wonder is this list updated?

Than for clothing, only 1 recent purchased which is Sara winter jacket (GAP bought in Nov 08)....the rest I can't afford it anyway.
(Except 1 fake Ralph Lauren Polo shirt from Giant which I don't think the manufacturer pay any royalty to RL ;D).

3 things used in the household which I can't simply replace are
1) Acer laptop and Clon desktop which both using Intel processor.
2) Nokia (1 for hubby and 1 back up phone for me).
3) Astro - National Geographic and Disney (PHDC) pun derang punye ke...

Not as much as I thought...pheww! Actually I never come across about50%-60% brand in the list..wonder what the hell is that..maybe utk orang kaya je kot...rakyat biasa ni tak kenal leee...
Boycott Israel Booklet

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