Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yee Sang.....yam seng!!!!

Last Friday, my company organising a dinner for CNY celebration.
This is my 1st time (after working for 5 years here) sbb mmg derang tak penah buat pun sebelum ni except for last year which I did not joined bcos I'm still on maternity leave.

Normally (not in this company) my previous bosses would celebrate it at a vegetarian restaurant or any halal restaurant.

In Proreka, they bring it here at our own lawn (parking lot k)...emm mcm open house or kenduri kawen kinda thing. Ada khemah, catering, music and so on.

The theme was RED....unfortunately I don't have red shirt (excuse). So I bring spare white polo shirt and my DIY red LV tudung as a backup cos I was wearing purple blouse that day and am not planning to go home after works just to change, which I will have to find my way out from the house once my kids grab my legs.

So, what happen that nite? Well nothing much..mcm open house je. Bezanye ada emcee, karaoke and our beloved CEO (aka dewa gumbira) seems happy that nite.

We have our Tengku reading his speech (tah sapa le prepare). Bla bla bla....tepuk tgn ...habis dah!

Then we have our yee sang..below are some photos on what's on the table that nite...

Mandarin Orange....

Yee Sang that wrap in a plastic....

Yee sang being tossed..as high as we can...my highest wish is 2 years bonus (what do u think :D $$$$$$$)

The aftermath......

Overall....ok lahhhhh! can't complaint much.
Less complaint less heartache less ungratefull ...

I hope this year we (Prorekarians) don't have to works like a bull...because we have been working like one all this years.....bullshitting a lot.. may Allah help us to stay ahead, nore sincere and transparent and may all of our way in doing business more HALAL than ever...Ameeennnnn..!


  1. perlu ke ku upload gambar boss menyanyi lagu awie?? besh woooo

  2. boss maner ni? ramona ke...atuk?
    Ke brader???
    wa dah cabut kan?