Saturday, February 21, 2009

Splurging as in Dictionary

From merriam-webmaster the definition of Splurging as below:
Main Entry: splurge
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s):splurged; splurg-ing
Date: 1843 (ni apa ni?)

intransitive verb
1: to make a splurge
2: to indulge oneself extravagantly - often used with 'on'

transitive verb
: to spend extravagantly or ostentatiously

Emmm...ever since I hooked up with bloghopping...I had numerous time read about how other blogger had their daily/ weekly/ monthly or worse spontaneously retail therapy aka SPLURGING their money on shopping.
I couldn't help myself but keep on wondering where the hell they get all the money from.
For those blogger who are trifty or spend wisely (in my context is non branded or posh boutique) I feel they are a 'normal' person just like me.
Most of the time (everytime to be exact) I normally peep to their profile to check what they do for a living.
Most of my finding they are very 'normal'.
I said normal because for me:
1) Process engineer
2) PA (Personal assistant)
3) Homemaker aka housewife
4) Government servant
5) Engineer (General)
6) Medical related field other than doctor.
are 'normal' 9 to 5' worker..which being paid on monthly basis, which at certain age will be very likely to have a salary range as stated in the 'jobstreet' analysis data.

It shouldn't run much from whatever being research by 'Jobstreet'.

Somehow, if I calculate their spending or in this context 'splurging' are exceeding their 'standard' income.
I mean we need to pay for other stuff other than shopping rite? So how much we put aside for shopping, I think is roughly 10-20% from your basic pay rite????

But how this blogger can spend more??? There are few answer that I can think of:
1) They were married to a very rich man who gave them money to top up whatever they get from their monthly salary.
2) They have super rich daddy/mommy (real) or grandpa/grandma..who had enough money for the next 10 generation.

That's all I can think of...
I don't think this blogger have 'sugardaddy' cos 'hot chick' don't blog ...i think hehehe:D

When I read their entry....I've always feels like I want it too...I want to have the ability to 'SPLURGE' on lots of 'unnecessary-but-rugi-kalu-tak-beli'. And sometimes when I'm a bit 'off' I do feel that I also want the xx bags, the xx shoes, the xx tops and so on....which the price definitely does not justify the cost of producing it.

Well, lucky me, most of the time...I know who I am...and I know my pocket, bank acc balance very well...

I definitely 'NOT YET' able to use the words 'SPLURGING' on me.

And today, I'm gonna use this blogger quote..which makes me feel a lot better (cos I cannot "SPLURGE" hokey)...

"I can only conclude that it doesn't matter whether you wear expensive or inexpensive stuff (be it bags, shoes, tudung or outfit), it is how you carry yourself & project your personality"

Moralnye....If I look like a makcik carrying LV..I better just look like a thirty something mommy carrying a bag without any 'KNOWN' metal plague....

My definition of SPLURGING is when I'm willing to pay for the 'BRAND' more instead of the product real cost by giving excuses to myself such as the quality, the material, where it was produce, nice design and so on when in actual the 'FUNCTION' and other excuses mentioned above is still the same or equivalent.....


  1. salam,
    td dah komen tp mana tah.. macam tak kuar ajer. wah... pandainya u buat tudung yer :) nak tanya kalau berminat nak beli mcm mana ye? :) iskh.. boleh ker? brp agaknya u caj?:)sori if this bother u.. :)

  2. Mama aisyah ..thanks for dropping by. Tudung tu I tak jual sbb jahit tangan je...pakai utk diri sendiri bolehlah. But if you interested you boleh tengok kat sini..
    Ramai yg jual tudung siap or amik tempaha.