Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some Illusion

Situation 1:

Maktok: Bilik airnya bau longkang.
Me: oh, ye ke.

Went to Giant and bought some air freshener. Immediately hang in the bathroom.
Next day.....

Maktok: Apa bungkusan kecik warna putih kat bilik air tu? (with alarmed eyes, scared of some mistique stuff i think).
Me: Air freshener lah mak. Kan mak cakap bilik air bau longkang. Letak tu biar wangi. (hoping i knock out some sense to her).

I am certain our bathroom is the cleanest she ever encounter, except if she get in there right after Sarah had her big business, than it will explain the smell.

Situation 2:

Maktok: Malam tadi, bilik tidur nya bau sampah. Busuk. (make scowl disgusted face describing how smelly it was)
Me: Oh ye ke? Takde sampah dalam bilik tu. Sampah kat dapur tu, tong tu bertutup.

Light up vanilla scented candle and put it in her bedroom. Maktok looked at it and with very concern voice asking me what am i doing. I told her that the candle scent can removed the 'sampah' odour. Again worrying over nothing, she said i might burn down the house.

The room is cleaned and mopped every single day! I already placed ambir pur in that room before she came. Hantu sampah busuk mana pulak yg lalu malam tu...demmmm. Maybe Mina fart when she sleep there that nite. Yes, that would be the logical reason. Mina fart...kentut..konfem busuk.

Situation 3:

Maktok: kita tengok tv, orang kat tv tu nampak kita ke?
Me: Tak. Tak nampak. Diorang cuma tengok kamera je.


Maktok: Kenapa cerita kat tv yg bukan-bukan ni. Selalu tak macam ni pun.
She is watching the same cinetron/ drama/ whatever shown in 101, 102, 103, 106 channel.

Situation 4: Its all about the money, money, money....(sing along)

I took RM100 from cekpen wallet to buy Sarah's milk.

Maktok: Kenapa kau ambik duit akie? Nanti dia tak marah ?
Me: Tak marah. Nak pergi beli susu sarah.

Come back with the milk.

Maktok: akie marah nanti kau ambik duit dia. Kau tak cakap pun dengan akie.
Me: T_______T
Maktok: Macam mana ni? Macam mana nak beli susu, duit takde.
Me: Mak dah lah, jangan fikir lagi. Jangan tanya lagi. Duit ada. Jangan risau.

On another occasion ...still money is the subject.

Maktok: Kereta dah habis bayar belum?
Me: Belum
Maktok: Macam mana nak bayar ni, takde duit, nak cari duit macam mana...
Me : Ada duit mak. Kita bayar. Mak tak payah fikir.

Maktok: Habis, duit van sekolah anak-anaknya, kena bayar tak.
Me: Dah bayar dah.

Maktok:  macam mana niiii.....semua nak kena bayar. mak takde duit.

Money subject were brought up on daily basis. T_____T

Situation 5: Makan. Another daily struggle too.

Maktok: anak-anaknya sarapan apa? Kesian nanti lapar tak makan.
Me: Makan mee/bihun. hotdog/ burger/ soto/ nasi lemak/ roti/ spagetti/ kuew teow.........list go on.

Maktok: Anak-anaknya tak dapat makan nanti, nasinya habis dah. Macam mana nak beli beras.
Maktok: Akie tak marah ke, mak makan aje kat sini.
Maktok: Ikan nya bau hanyir.*make euwww face*
Maktok: Ayamnya bau hamis. *make euwww face*
Maktok:  Sayurnya bau bawang putih ni . *make euwww face*
Maktok: Mak nak bubur kosong aje.
Maktok: Ikan bilisnya hangit.
Maktok: Ikan bilisnya cucuk2 terselit kat gigi aje. Mak taknak bilis.
Maktok: hiiiiiiii (disgusted face), pedas ni....pedas..heiii..pedas!

Ok...get it! Hahaha...am not writing this down as if am angry. I am not angry at all. This is what i've been dealing everyday. And i know how to keep my emotion in tact. Actually there's more but banyak sangat pulak nak taip..malas hehehe.

I keep my mind distracted by reading some stuff online. Not blogwalking or read knowledge base kinda thing. Some stuff that stupid enough that would make me laugh like hell. Yes, a good laugh, thats all i need.