Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vegeta Ummi

Thanks to Dragonball series, now I have Vegeta as a son. Vegeta the super saiyan villain character in the series. Darwish is obsessed with him and start wearing goggles around the house and make us called him Vegeta whenever he wear the scouter (the gogglelah). Even now cekpen called me Frieza , the most notorious no joke super villain among all, he is Vegeta master by the way. Tak caya? Baca sini hahahah.
Sabor jelah mak ko  ni. 

Last night sambil pakai scouter ni Darwish sebut "ummi". Then dia tanya, "mak boleh panggil mak ummi?"
I frowned a bit and said yes. "boleh, ummi tu bahasa arab, sama macam emak dan mother". Macam2 budak punya imgainasi kan. As long as i can tolerate the brutalness, and my 'power' level reading at the scouter is high it shud be ok. Am still the master around the house =B.

By the way, the craziness over dragonball had infected me. Cekpen take a short cut by reading wikipedia straight to find out how the series end, giving me a hint on what its all about. Thus make me curious on how the stories goes. End up, i've been digging for more on the world wide web, looking for episodes on youtube, reading all the sources available, up to getting hooked up on some fanfiction and dramas that was merely created by the fanatic fan of dragonball. Its amazing cos i don't do this even when all anak dara and mak dara and nenek dara kat malaysia dilanda ribut Aaron Aziz =P. Yes, i haven't watch any aaron aziz movie or drama yet. So ketinggalan keretapi, i know.

These fans even created short stories or more like a novel cos takde picture or video involved, based on the series and twist the plot according to their imagination.  In fact plot out the stories between Vegeta and Bulma, which will never appear in the original version of Akira Toriyama workpieces. Well I read t somewhere that akira boss or the company actually want him to do the stories on Vegeta and Bulma but he refused to do so. Its not his cuppa of tea. Ok, enough with dragon ball here. eh..last sekali, yeah vegeta is really hot  cos he's the bad guy here but not the strongest though and he died twice hahaha. ok cukup.


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