Thursday, October 8, 2009

The 'Bird" Question....

This morning, I was in the kitchen, while Darwish was taking his shower and ask me a golden 'cepu emas' question...

Darwish: Mother. Why mother don't have 'bird' like this, like me? Why you don't have 'bird' like darwish?

Me: (*^&^*%^^$%##^ trying very hard to remember how to asnwer this ....i'm 100% sure i've read it time) Because mother is a girl, darwish is a boy!

Darwish: But why mother don't have 'bird' like me? Why father have same like me???

Me: (Demmit demmit demmit....still can't recall) Darwish, brush your teeth now!!!


  1. hahahhahahahahah...soalan yg AMAT susah dijawab tuk budak age camtu kan..huhuh

  2. ngehh.. mmg susah nk explain. soon @ later dorang akan btanya lagi

  3. Uhh...speechless!! Nasib baik adam tak pernah tanya muahahaha....

  4. sangat cepu emas punya soalan yaa!! hehehe.. mesti speechless nak jwb kan

  5. Sisdee, Has, Eynda n Ina - bersedialh uols ye...mana tau kena jugak kan....

  6. hahhahah..that reminds me of my brotheer mase kecik...
    i hv 3 big brothers...
    when i was born, my brother sume excited nk tgk my 3rd brother (atas i) upon tgk je i trus die menjerittttt sekuat mum cite die jerit "MAKKKKKKKKK BIRD ADIK DAH HILANGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!" muahahhahaha..giler ketawa guling2 my parents ;)