Monday, March 30, 2009

My Weekend Birthday Bash!

Saturday start as early as 6.30am (as usual my kids wake up early).
10a.m me, Mina and Awish off to G.I.A.N.T to buy groceries ... for our weekly food supply of course.

After lunch me and hubby off to Mutiara Damansara. For my birthday, hubby treat me with a 1 night stay at the Royale Bintang. No kids, just us.

Then we tried the Bubba Gump Shrimp...err kinda expensive though.

Then I went to Jean Yip for a facial...the last facial I had was 2 years ago.

It should be a 75minutes treatment but it end up nearly 2 hrs. Well I collected quite a huge numbers (if I can count it) of black head, white head, pink head etc since my face has been neglected for too long.

heheh..I tought I never capture this picture cos my eyes is closed, but my I-phone never failed me...agak2 saja and snap.

After that joined my hubby at Red Box...

Well...I did not sing cos....seriously I can't sing at all.

Then after Maghrib we collect the movie ticket at Cineplex cineleisure and go back to Ikano for dinner. Initial plan to have a steam boat at Pulau Ketam was cancelled cos too many people there. We went to Tepanyaki...I had a beef noodles. The taste

With a full tummy, we headed to Cineleasure again...but since its still quite early (our show at 10pm)...we walk through the street market.

Then we watch this movie "Confession of A Shopaholic".

Next morning at 10am...we checked out...can't leave the kids at home too long...really missed them.

The day continue as I'm hunting for a sewing machine. Found 1 that cought my interest.

Specification Brother LS2160
"Perfect for basic sewing and mending"
This lightweight model has all the basic features you will need, such as automatic buttonhole, decorative & quilting stitches and twin needle.
*14 built in stitches allowing 26 different Stitch Functions
*4-step Automatic buttonholer
*Free arm with removable accessory compartment allowing sleeves and pant legs easy to sew
*Twin needle for two-colour stitching
*Adjustable thread tension control
*Electronic no heat speed control

After 1.5 hrs of short training...I bring the machine home..RM570.00
Cheap and just nice for a beginner like me.

For dinner, we go to ioi mall (new wings) to 'pekena' nandos.

No food picture taken since we are busy eating.

Upon paying the bills I noticed hubby wallet have dented marks. Kinda pissed off cos its the new coach wallet I bought for him about 2 mth ago. Upon investigation, the dent was caused by something pointed/ sharp, pressed on its surface. Checked inside his pouch bag, we were quite surprise. The missing rings was in his pouch bag. It was kept in the secret compartment in his pouch since the day Sarah was born. Sorry...few minutes before Sarah was born. The pointed shape of the rings that hold the saphire and diamond stone causing the dented mark on his wallet.
How lucky.....Hubby was planning to buy a new pouch...if he already did...he might have throw away his pouch with my rings in it....
The not so lucky thing is...I won't be getting a new diamond ring..uhuks!

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