Monday, March 23, 2009

It's a CHANEL!

Today.....I received a gift from our customer cum vendor.
It's really took me by suprise.

When I saw Chow (my colleague) carrying a torn Isetan paper bag (big!) my heart almost stop.

The moment I open the teared paperbag I saw a glimpse of black dust bag with double C logo on heart really stop.

IT'S A CHANEL....for a person who kinda 'brand blind'...I do not recognize the 'name'. (All designer bag has its own name...rite?). But who care's? IT'S A CHANEL...IT'S A AAA CHANEL to be precise ....hehehe
I definitely will not spend my hard earned money on it when I can get at least 2 bag from CnK, Vincci or Carlo Rino. Plus who would believe I can afford a CHANEL. But this AAA Chanel is FREE!!!!...Yeayyyyy!!!So who care's if its a AAA immitation...hahahaha! I still can't stop smiling.

I don't want to think too much on why he give me the bag. Plus he gave it in front my Sr Manager and my GM. So its an 'open' gift...heheheh..enough's my 1st CHANEL AAA quality is very bad..

So below is taken from online website.


  1. arghh!!! jelesenyer!!!!!!!!!!!!! geram2x!!!

  2. hihik...jeles ye...lenkali rajin bertanya ok. Rajin bertanya dapat handbag free...ahaks!

  3. pasni nak tanya.. rega channel kat sana channel ker?? lain la.. LV ekk.. hehehe