Monday, March 16, 2009

Did You Know That 2

Remember last week I bought a shoes from Charles & Keith.
While I was parading myself with the new shoes (last week) I saw the url at the box...meaning I can buy their stuff online. That's great isn't it, since I already knew my size, I thought next time I don't have to physically go to their shop that might lead to other unnecessary buying. Since then I did not try to go to their website (actually I totally forgot about it...memory loss syndrome remember!)...until today.

I posted a picture of my shoes at my favourite forum. Somebody got interested and asked me how much, where did i buy it from, does it come in bigger size... well the last question I do not know the answer.

Then I asked her to check on their website ( which I have to google and paste the link back to her).

Well...I'm not sure if the link is good enough for her to find the information she needs but it definitely got me hooked up.

I went ooohhh..waahhhh...emmm.....for me their shoes and bags (yes..they have bags too) are lovely and up to date. With that price...I think it's really worth it..darn cheap! here and happy shopping ;).

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