Monday, March 23, 2009

My Hijab Innovation

Actually I prefer the words 'tudung' instead of Hijab but it's a less googled keyword ... i think.

So here again, I haven't retire/ or give up sewing my own tudung with awning. In fact I have become more creative because of my laziness to continue using a 3 piece Hajaba button design (aiyoo its sooo leceh to sew by hand cos I don't have a sewing machine).

While looking at least 6 more sets of uncut printed jersey, plain jersey and all the relevant awning, I start to think I need to simplified my tudung.

Then I remember all my 'Syria Hijab style' that i've stored inside a toyogo box. I think the cut and length suit my size...only the inner does not have any awning.

So I start to experiment it... a syria hijab plus a hajaba button head portion below...can you imagine the outcome?

So after 1 failure (cos its short due to its a leftover printed jersey)...the second tudung is really great...the flow, the scallop (yeah scallop like curtain) nice.

I haven't model the new design yet..but you can view it on my dining table at the moment..hehehe...

Btw..the red polka dot..the material is absolutely FANTASTIC. Its very soft and thin but yet its not a see through kinda thing. So far its the best printed jersey (my humble opinion)....and its definietly cotton. So no worries about being cooked up inside this jersey under the hot sun..


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