Wednesday, April 1, 2009

RM1000 for a Panty?

Would you do that?

Yesterday my maid received a prank call (our house phone). A guy claiming he's a friend of my husband offered her RM1000.00 if she willing to give him my panty. She decline the offer telling him that she's not bad kind of person.

So I told my maid to inform me if the guy called again. I want to change the house phone no.

You see, the only thing that came across my mind is, that guy has a really bad intention. He may simply/ randomly dialed a number and when an indonesion slang maid answer the phone, he knew that he can offer this kind of 'things'. Either he's a pervert (i don't think so) or he want to do some kind of black magic..'hypnotise' us at night, which later may turn out as a big robbery plan which in the end all of us who live in this house would be terminated....(thats how I tell my maid what the guy intention might be).

I told her to be very careful (myself too). Do not simply tell anyone about it about herself or my family.
(Does blogging lead to unnecessary danger to us???...hmmm something to ponder huh!)

After my dinner I bring my maid for her medical check-up since she want to work with us again for 1 more year. I take this opportunity to tell her few things:

1) Nanas should never be cooked together with gulai daging salai. Ayah don't like. no-no.

2) Her friend (our neighbour maid) should not be hanging around at our porch when we come home. no-no. Ayah don't like it either.

3) Do not let Mina n awish 'bertandang' at their friend house (our neighbour) too long. Maximum half an hour only. Must come home by 7. If they did not come home themself, she must go there and get them. Ayah don't like it too.

You see...i've always use Ayah name as excuses...because ayah (hubby) is very the 'garang' one. I'm very sure she scared of ayah. So I warn her don't let ayah get angry.

I hope she got the point and will not repeat the same mistake again.

Actually I don't like to get angry at her because she's an adult. I hope just by repeating telling her the do and don't she would abide to my rule. She's not perfect but haven't exceed my tolerance level. Its not easy to find a good maid and even harder to find the perfect one.

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