Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm so into ...

so called boring movies...
1) Marley and Me
2) Confession of a shopaholic
3) Just not that into you

Its a slow movie, no action pack, thrill etc but for me its still a good movie to watch.
It full of passion, loves, real life situation and a lot of similarities with our everyday life journey... (except the dog and rich boyfriend).

"Marley and Me"
Whose life doesn't change after the baby come?
Your sweet, cudly, cute and manja girlfren/ wife turn into a smelly, monster, dictator wife.

"Confession of a shoppaholic"
Who doesn't own a (dozens) credit card?
Who doesn't want to buy everything or anything at all?
Gucci..prada...of course if money permit!

"Just not that into you"
Who never had a broken heart?
Who doesn't want Ben Afflect? (read: washing dishes, do the laundry, hang the frame).
The fact that Men are no angel....serve them with Scarlet Johanson...(tolak batu dengan kayu je)

and Justin long...looks really cool!

Well thats my review. Others may find these movies boring but not me.

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