Monday, October 8, 2012

Sarah's Concert 2012

Finally the day came, for us to watch Sarah perform her dance routine that she'd been practiced for few weeks. I told cekpen that we might be watching a stiff-stick-dance by looking at some of her practiced. She loved to dance but she's kinda lack of 'lenggok' compared to Mina who is more natural and able to follow the beat with ease. Still we are looking forward to it. Before we let her join her friends and teachers backstage, i told her not to cry and enjoy herself. Remind her to smile on stage and waved to us if she can spot us in the crowd.  
Turn out Sarah really enjoying her moment on stage albeit her stiffness. Well almost perfect except a small glitch, where her dance partner were terrified and had a stage fright. The boy went rigid and crying all the way. But seems like Sarah doesn't let that small glitch to hinder her stage moment. She forced the boy to dance along anyway. Audience were cheering at the display, i couldn't stop myself from rotfl :D. Sarah oh sarah. If my memories serve me right, it was the same boy who cried last year. He was in the pre-nursery class back then.