Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cekpen's Life

On weekdays, Cekpen's daily life start at 5am. Wake Darwish up. Then lay down until 5.30am, wake the wife pulak. Stay in the bathroom for 15-20 minutes.  Get ready, solat, breakfast with kids, wait till van pick up the kids for school, then off to work around 6.30am. Get beat up with all the craps he can take for the day and reach home around 7pm. Everyday is a long day for him. The wife would wait and listen if he need to let out some tension. Fortunately his world is not foreign to the wife so she can understand better. Even the names are familiar to her.

Saturday, 11am , cekpen bring the family jalan-jalan at 1 utama. The wife mission is to buy a cereal dispenser, so that she can ration reduce the potential of kokocrunch 'lemau' when the kids leave them expose to the air. Rugi tak makan. The kids mission is to get out of the house. Cekpen mission is to make everyone happy. 2 hours later, the wife had a feeling that cekpen's pocket weren't that happy. So must go home faster to avoid unnecessary finance stress induce. Not all weekend were spent this ways but.........
Rain was pouring down heavily, but cekpen's has another mission last night. Putrajaya half marathon, 21km journey to complete. The wife and kids stay at home. Wishing him good luck and finish the  race without injuries (thats the wife's pray). He came home at 12.40am in one piece, with some cramps and sweat smell. Nothing serious. Alhamdullilah....he finished the race. His mission accomplished. That also means the wife mission accomplished too, that is letting him do what he love to do. 

Now, sunday morning, the wife and kids stay at home, at 8.30am cekpens already in Genting highland, attending work related event. Tomorrow the cyle continue....................