Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's NOT Nephroblastoma

Sarah please be strong...mama love u.

Edited 25/1/2011- Onco has confirmed it was not nephroblastoma....its Malignant Germ Cell Tumor
Much more aggresive. They have found the primary location. 95% sure that it is ..the 5% will be confirmed by bone and brain scan. Bone scan done..pending for report, brain scan maybe by today or tomorrow.


  1. Ye ke Kak? camne Sarah skarang?..harap2 akak n family kuat Ye..especially sarah...mai doakan smuanya Akan ok...insyaallah

  2. salam, u too mommyct, be strong k, take care

  3. sabarlah mommyct, mudah-mudahan apa yang dicadangkan oleh pihak hospital dapat mengubati sakit sarah tu... moga awak kuat ekk...