Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I want to stop thinking the 'why, when, where, how, what'....anything before the 21/1/2010, the day i saw the ultrasound result. Tired of the sleepless night and headache for the past few days, thinking what when wrong and why the malignant growing right under my nose, infront of me day by day silently really make me feel i'm a useless mother.

I just want to build my strength now, and together with Sarah and the rest of the family members to fight the cancer. I hope Allah give her the strength and willpower to win this battle.

And whatever the outcome for our decision to stay here with the SDMC team, we will accept it.


  1. kv doakan yag terbaik utk sarah dan jugak family nya. Moga terus tabah.

  2. oh my...i will pray for everything to be all right. be strong and hang in there ya..insyaAllah, God knows best.


  3. Kuatkan semangat ti, aku n family doakan sarah n family sumer tabah menempuh ujian dr allah...insyaallah..