Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trip to Pattaya

Wah entry ni dah kepam tak sesiap. Here goes. After so much of 'brainstorming', cekpen surprised me with a late birthday gift, yg tak berapa nak surprise lah sbb i couldn't guess what was it after more than 10th times...*sweatdrop*. 
Catch early flight to Bangkok on 28 April for our yearly getaway+bday gift+anny, just the two of us. Kids stay at home. ;)
We decided to go light...very light, just two backpack for 3 days 2 nights stay at Pattaya. No need to plan so much cos both of us just want to relax and chill and little bit of exploring. Agak2 tak cukup baju, beli aje kat tepi jalan belambak baju sepoh hengget kan.

Our journey was escortedby approx 20 Ferraries all the way from Bangkok to Pattaya. Our shabby public taxi were side by side most of the time with these raging horse power beast, such a masculine man made machine *drooling*. Tapi driver tak semuanya errr as good looking as the car ...hehehe.

After check-in, we just stroll along the beach road. I was watching *salivating* the auntie while thinking the 'halalness' of the food she's selling. Hmmm....tak beli daaa ...cuak hehe.

We were welcome with babi golek by the pool side..what a turn off. Other than babi golek incident, everything about the hotel is excellent. Love the ambiance and hospitality. Dapat rega murah pulak tu kan lagilah rasa best gila.
In conjunction with Pattaya International Music Festival, the crowds are overwhelming. 
Ada konsert rock rambut panjang, suar ketat, baju itam, cukup pakej macam rockers2 lain kat memana pun, cuma derang nyanyi lagu siam le kan so ala2 kelakar le bunyi tu sbb tak biasa  dgr lagu rock versi sawadikap.
Walk through the bazar that night to find only one halal stall available. Luckily it was just me n cekpen, if the kids were around sure enough getting dinner will end-up with a lot of frustation. Mostly mmg cik bab dlm all the food, ada jugak babi golek kat bazar ni, but smaller compare to yg kat tepi pool earlier.  errghhhhh. *vomit*
1 pack of maggie goreng, 2 cup of fruit juice, we settled by the beach. Enjoying our moment with some laser beam plays. Nasib ada kebab tapau from Central Festival, takdelah kebulur malam tu.

Most of the day spent in the pool. Jadi badak berendam. Cekpen beriya belajar swimming. hehehe. Cekpen making new friend too, a 26years old engineer from Norway, while i was sleeping for 2 hours under the scorching hot sun, talk about sunbathing and tidur mati =P.

Massage were extremely cheap, rm20/hr for thai massage, rm30/hr oil massage. rm50/hr for aromatherapy massage...murah kan? Tak kisahlah massage center yg cabuk or yg classy ala spa house, the rate lebih kurang sama je. Yg mahal kalau buat kat hotel, rm150/hr for thai massage, itu the cheapest, yg lelain jenis massage lagi mahal nak mampus kat hotel ni. Gambar massage takdok ye..=B. Rasa nak massage lagi tapi tak sempat le, dapat buat 2 kali je, jadilah.

After a day and night of walking, we decided to rent a bike on Sunday. rm20 for 24hrs. Konfiden je cekpen jawab ada lesen padahalllll. Almost 2 hours kot kitorang explore the town sampai menggeletar tangan cekpen. Last2 balik hotel semula sbb dah tak larat. Sambil explore tu carik kedai makan thai sebenarnya, tapi tak jumpa. Mostly indian or kebab or middle east punya restaurant je yg ada. Actually jumpa satu yg serve kebab n thai food, tapi bila nak gi balik kat situ tak reti. hehehe.

The famous Tiffany show. Ini lah satu-satunya attraction yg ada dalam pamplet Pattaya yg kitorang gi jenguk. Yg lelain tu, gajah, buaya, gems, island hopping lah apa semua tak minat nak gi. I mean, nak tgk gajah buaya semua tu watpe kan??? Bersepah kat mesia hehehe. Anyway, mmg amazing lah the performance. Tak bleh ambik gambar or video masa show but ambik jugaklah ikut celah2 sambil make sure tak kena tangkap =P. Actually they all menari ikut tema beberapa negara. First of cos from thai, then ada from vietnam, china, russia, itali...errr ada byk lagi tapi dah lupa. 90% of the penari dah mcm tulen sangat, ada lah seketul dua yg you can easily single them out, the hips not wide enough, or the shoulder are too broad or the face feature are too hard. The props, costume, back drop mmg dasyat, brilliant stage play lah senang citer.After the show, the dancers keluar utk ambik gambar dgn sesapa yg nak. Hmmm....up close and personel.....mmg lah cantik. Makes me wonder....whose the lady? Me or them?! Bahhhhhhhhh...put my hand down, they win definitely. Reality.

Random taxi sign. Kentut not allowed, gropping not allowed, pistol not allowed. Ok, understood.

Monday morning, naik taxi lagi ke Bangkok. Watch 5D shows at Siam Paragon. Lunch at MBK. Then go to the airport with another rempit taxi driver yg menghiburkan kami bila dia menyanyi bersama Selena Gomez, I...I love u like a love song baby. ouchhhh*ear bleed*. Nasib mina tak ikut, kalau tak kofem drebar taxi ni kena sound dgn mina. Masa ni dah tak sesabar nak balik sbb rindu kat budak2 yg kena tinggal. Risau dapat jumpa derang balik ke tak, sampai rumah ke tak ...ahhh mcm tu lah bila travel berdua. Somehow mesti hati tu ada kerisauan. 



  1. bestnya dpt pegi berdua duannya camtu. akak tak penah sampai sana lagi

  2. gi berdua lg best kalau tak perlu risau anak2 kena tinggal. yg penting semua selamat :)