Thursday, April 19, 2012


I can't remember if it was last friday or saturday, when the first victim was tortured to death. The first victim was Candace-the-cute-little-hamster. The abuser were Darwish and Sarah. Both played roughly and keep on rolling the poor-little-candace in my largest laundry basket. After much yelling from me n my maid, they stop and put her back in the cage. Later that evening they found Candace not moving.....dead.

Second tragedy was yesterday. After Mina dentist visit, i found myself fighting to keep awake. I hardly take a nap in day time, but yesterday my body seems to shut down by itself. As i can heard my maid was entertaining sarah, i decided to just sleep for a while.

When i woke up, Sarah and mina were sleeping too. So after checking mina condition, i decided to take her to see a doctor to prevent the allergy from getting worse. Sarah wake up not long after i get back. First thing she said she was sorry for beating Duffe-the-hamster. A little bit surprise by her confession, i ask her if Duffe is alright. She did not answer but just give me a guilty look then she said she was sorry again. Upon hearing sarah confession, mina went ahead to check on Duffe and update me that there's blood all over Duffe and Duffe was not moving. DEAD!

Maid leave her for a while and she killed a hamster! Intentionally or not, it is still unacceptable. And that look on her face, what can i say? Partly i feel guilty cos it happen when i'm sleeping, i knew that if i'm not, i should have able to stop her. Still i feel disturbed with her rough behaviour which keep a steady progress lately. Not a pleasant one i tell u. I'm sure the beating was the same that she always used on me, poor duffe.

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