Thursday, May 17, 2012

JCO, Mothers Day, Avengers

 Mina,always toughtful, never forget to make a special cards for me. If she's angry at me, she make a card saying that i don't love her. If she's happy, she make a card saying that she loves me. 
 Sensitive, attention seeker, demanding, loveable, toughtful, considerate and so much more.
Another demanding princess. Too  attached and doesn't want to letgo. 

 6/7 years old boy trap in 9 years old body? The progress is little but better than nothing. At least now he proved that he don't have much issues catching up with education.

 Passion, commitment, endurance, resilient, diligent. 

 Happy hour.
Darwish: "thank you mother, i'm so happy we watch avengers, i like it very much"
Mina dozed off half way through the movie. Sarah restless and make me missed some action. A good reason for me to buy another ticket and give 100% concentration rite?

 Darwish: "everybody, put on your scouter"

Cekpen:"mama kena tengok Thor, so boleh faham pasal doktor tu and Loki"
So I watched the very next day.
I hope Marvel and Disney will produce The Avengers sequel. Its refreshing to watch action pack movie that does not need unnecessary women exploitation (eg : megan fox in transformers), Black widow character is totally acceptable for me. I hope there's more scene of Hulk smacking Loki or other villain as if they were dead fish....its so funny :D. That's exactly what i want to do when i'm pissed off.

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