Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Offline Reading Material

I got my first Sophie Kinsella's after i watch Confession of A Shopaholic movie years ago (when was it??). I bought the rest within the last 2 weeks, and i 'khatam' all of it already.
I found the bottom two adequate to my liking, then the next two not able to keep me from other distraction*read: not good enough*.

I'm running out of online material that can make me focus daily, and now the offline material seems does not guarantee it can satisfy my needs. Online is free so i don't mind reading junk but offline kinda expensive so if the books is not worth the price *in my sole opinion*. i'm not so sure to pursue buying more or not. I don't want to simply follow what others read cos i may not have the same interest as others.

So what do i do now??


  1. anak sedara akak suka sgt baca novel ni, tapi akak ni slalunya novel yg tgk akak tdo...hehehehe

  2. hehe...i baca nak kill the time. tapi kalau yg dibaca tak best mmg terasa rugi le .