Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shattered dreams

Everday i wake up with anticipation. Most of the day end up fruitless, the writer did not came up with a new chapter. He/she update the story once a week, sometime it was drag until almost 2 weeks. So when he/she announce that the story will end up soon, my anticipation grows bigger. I want to know how it ends.

It has been a roller coaster ride, the story have lots of twist, i couldn't predict what was up next and anxiety become my friend.But today, when the END does comes, i was presented with an awful betrayal, I lost hope. Almost lost hope. The writer promise that a sequel is on the way. I have to wait again. Its had been months of waiting and i have to wait all over again, with a very tiny hopes that the next end will go my way.

Well not everything should end up happily ever after but one thing for sure, i cannot tolerate betrayal, even though its just a story. I just wish those who were betrayed able to had their bittersweet revenge.... well revenge is sweet, the hell with forgiveness. *evil wicked laugh*

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