Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why you must watch new movie @ g.s.c i.o.i mall

You can camwhore until you vomit blood!

Finally after 9 years living in Puchong and frequent IOI Mall thousands times, we give it a shot to watch MEGAMIND 3D at GSC IOI Mall.
Well actually after failing to book the tickets via the phone-booking line @ TGV Sunway Pyramid ...... normally we watch movie here or 1U...almost never on other places...errr except once in Midvalley.

We buy the ticket at 2pm for 3.45pm movie....without a need to jump que cos there's no que at all. So there's plenty of time to jalan-jalan kan.

We come back around some pop corn and drinks the empty snack counter(read : not a single human being there except the cashier girl). The movie start in 15 minutes!

Wait in front the 'guard'...just the 5 of us....camwhoring.....tick tock tick tock...the kids running around.....tick tock tick tock.

More homo sapiens come about 10 minutes later......but i guarantee you no 'laga' bontot incident.

More and more homo sapiens joined us later on but the 'guard' still did not open the red rope.

Around 4pm..we get to get in....walk pushing....go to the ladies to wash the kids hand since there were pretty 'dirty' mopping and sliding at the entrance earlier.

The cinema were not too big...still new...good sound system....and the movie is AWESOME!!!!

I did not put high expectation on this movie...just want the kids to have some fun this school holiday but it was turnout really good.

Am not good in giving review but i can suggest to you guys to bring your kids to watch MEGAMIND....the blue big head alien really COOL!


  1. cait..1st time g ker??
    peliknya..selalu ina g full house jek.. tensen den kena que pepanjang...orang balik coti kott

  2. Ye ke ina. Akak pes time gi movie kat ioi ...mmg kosong gila. dah mcm tak laku je gayanya.

    tp penuh jugak le panggung...cuma mmg tak havoc mcm kat pyramid or 1u.