Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuah ayam nampak di kaki

*iklan free - but good things need to be share :) *

I was doing some errand at Giant this morning, when i noticed the space that they normally display cars were filled with lots and lots of clothes hang at least half of that area.

There's a notice saying the clothes is an over-run stock from Japan or something like that.

The good part is almost everything is at RM15.00. Yg bukan hanyalah sebaris kemeja jantan dan sebaris sweater ber-hood.

Well I was looking for a denim jacket or shirt to make a little make-over to my existing boring style or baju or whatever....and i found it! Yeayyyy!!!

Mine looks almost like hers.....hik hik!

Boleh dimakan di pakai begitu sahaja atau di lapis -lapiskan dgn pakaian lain....

In fact there's a jailbird maxi dress too....and it's cheaper than mine *knock my head on the wall*

-->>Cekpen quote : why giving free gifts to rich people?! Why they didn't call me ?! I'm their loyal customer too!

(upon knowing his 'richer- than- him- for- sure-brother in law , getting 2 lumix camera from CIMB as their weekly winner....hik hik hik)

Tuah ayam nampak di kaki....

kalu manusia kurang tuah ..kena beli sendiri

...hik hik!