Friday, November 19, 2010

Not good enough?

I was told that last Saturday, the parents teachers day was a private event. Only parents of top student were invited. Darwish van driver told me so (he is our informer so i believe him, all this while he is our reference other than the school blog or written message/notice). I did not get any invitation or notice from Darwish bag (i have to dig myself cos darwish hardly tell me anything), so i just waited, asked Darwish everyday just in case it was verbally informed in his class.

Since today was the last day, still no news until yesterday, cekpen asked the van driver again early this morning. Apparently, the parent teachers day was last saturday *Confious* . Maybe the "Not So Good Student's Parents " really no need to come.

So I decided to see his teacher today. I reached school around 10.30am, only to get cold treatment from the teacher who really (looked) disturbed with my presence and with a heavy voice telling me that darwish report card already filed away. She told me she had given to Darwish and other student on last *Friday (not sure if everyone or the not so good one), and told me that maybe Darwish has returned it back in the basket where the absent student file was kept. I was surprise that she didn't even bother to check whether the parents has signed it or not. Oh ... school holiday is around the corner rite!

*Last Friday Darwish did told me he received the 'blue file" but his teacher asked to return it back. So he returned it back without bring it back home....oh anakku!! After some interrogation that day, so i tought i will see the 'blue file' again during parents teachers day, well.....i'm wrong.

Then she told me to find another teacher(who keeping the report card), who will be his standard 2 class teacher (i guess), and by this time i was told that next year darwish will not be in the same class. Seriouslly i don't have the mood to ask the teacher (who is not interested at all to discuss my son performance) what is the class rating...her annoyed face really turn me off.

So i went to see this other teacher who give me the same unhappy face (maybe she annoyed with my presence) who told me that she's about to go for her break. I did apologize twice ....first, when i approach her, then when she mention " i baru nak pergi makan".

She dig up the file..passed it to me, give me a pen, ask me to sign and put the file back ..of course she did not wait for me. She left with her tumbler in her right hand and her handbag.

So there i was, looking at darwish result ...with broken heart...4A and 6B, (main paper 2A,3B) with average of 81%. Mid year was a lot better than the final exam... :(.

While i was fainted emotionally in that room, Darwish was still chirpy, running around bilik guru main kejar-kejar dengan Sarah.


  1. Sis, my son's school ada Communication Book just like when they were in kindergarten. All happenings and events of the school were usually printed for circulation and distributed to the students and they pasted it on the book.

    Maybe you can give suggestion to your kids' school about that method?

    And don't worry, a child's performance masa Std 1 tak semestinya forecast future success/failure. Darwish did quite well apa.... kan?

    And abt the teachers....hrmmmm.... sabar aje la...

  2. Tak baiknya the teacher do that! Masa me jadik substitute teacher dulu pon siap hold my lunch utk layan parents yang datang. Sigh! But thats reality kan, when people look down at teacher profession dorang memekak. tapi setitik nila inilaaa yg buat kacau!

  3. SHM - memang ada message book tu but darwish did not paste it there. Ada la 2,3 kali je dia buat. the rest mmg tah mana dia letak. Mmg tak boleh judge from his std 1 performance but sometime i mcm takleh accept. I know he's a late boomer but i yg rasa mcm i'm the one who's at fault...:(

  4. JD - itu lah hakikatnya. mungkin sbb last day of school so derang dah holiday mood kot.