Monday, June 8, 2009


There’s a saying…Don’t judge a book by its’s cover…bagaikan ketam mengajar anak berjalan lurus (betui kaa?..whatever..)
But to some extent I think I should.

If I were to educate the people around me or trying to become a saviour or become the intelligent group to say what is right or wrong, I should have set a good example. As simple as how do I cover my aurat as to abide to the rule of Quran.

First impression count isn’t it?
If we are getting a bad first impression how can we agree with the rest of the idea?
Maybe the intention in good, but the execution needs more details. The selection of key fact the whole organization should have strong muslimah figure.

Sometime I feel that those newly convert can do a better job…there can explain and reasoning well..much clearer for us to understand logic or by common sense…with good image too.

Each one of us is getting older by numbers, we are still learning.
Learning to be come a better person, a better muslimah, better parents and better almost in everything. Portrays a good image is a must if ….. if you want people to have a trust in you. Keyword is ‘it’s a way of life’….so how do you live your life?

How do I live my life?

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