Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mommy n Frens Day Out!

Yesterday, I purposely took a day off (EL sbb last week dah mc..ngeh T_T) to meet up with my Uni fren. We do this annually for the past err…4 or 5 years I think.

Let me list down all the previous gathering, yg mana I ingat memory ni bukan boleh pakai sgt pownn..

1) 2 of us were having a day out at 1U. We were there the whole day despite heavily pregnant hahah.. I was pregnant with my second child, Lin was pregnant with her 1st baby. We had a blast shop for baby things. At that point we were thinking that we should do this things again with more frens cos it was really ….a great time off for ourself. Off from being mommy, off from being wifey, off from being workers…and doing it during weekdays pulak tu…mmg best.

2) Then we arrange another gathering a year later. This time 4 of us had our get together at a Spa, massage center somewhere in Plaza Damas (can’t remember though the name). It was me, lin, ita and **** (can’t mentioned her name…her outing is a secret..tsk! T_T”). After 2 hours of massage session, we off to 1U for lunch and window shopping/ shopping.

3) Then the next gathering was at the Curve or 1U ye? Either one lah..i confuse with the next one. We had our chit chat, lunch, shopping and walk around the mall until our feet bleeds…..naahhhhh…exaggerate …hihik.

4) Then another one at 1U…asik2 1u je …hahah. Activity yg sama.

5) Yesterday was the latest one. We meet up at Pavillion sbb dah bosan asik gi 1U plus our dear fren **** never been there.
We had our usual activity. Chit chat, eat and shopping. Ooh …oh….I ajak them to try Carlos ye..(shud thanks verde for this)….the food really good! And the nachossss….yes mmg sgt sedap. Definitely will recommend this to everyone. Oh ya..thanks lin for the lunch treat…T_T….next year will be on me rite mate..

So yesterday catch …lin with a lilac coach yg boleh convert to sling. It’s a large bag and sgt seswai for her since she will be traveling to London , spain, Ireland soon.

Mak Ita got herself a red birthday bag that we choose but…she had to pay on her own T_T”. Wish you Happy Birthday in advance ya. She also bought a blue wrislet from coach…nice catch T_T.

Then **** got herself a new pair of shoes.

Yours truly did not buy any bag ya…cos this month sengkek sangat..only bought mosturiser and cleanser Vit E from Body Shop cos mine finished already. Looking forward for next year outing….its a great time!

PS: Stewpid me ...forgot to take our photo...I got 2 photos of food but I left my phone at home today....duuhhh!


  1. hey babe...yeah...sedap kan carlos!
    later boley try on other foods yg belom try lagie ;D

  2. carlos tu cuma ada kat situ ke? Mmg tingin nak try lagi tp tah bila2 la pulak nak sampai pavi lagik.