Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Playing house @ architect

Cekpen decided to get things moving. So here i am, doing my best to simulate our idea in 3D. But my back is killing me. I've been working on this since Sunday morning, less than 5 hours from the schedule meetings with a few contractors/ architect/ designer that afternoon. I manage to whip something, printed it out as a handout for them. 

But after that initial briefing, i need to do more. So since yesterday, i was cooped in the room trying to make the design as accurate as it can be. Yesterday i manage to improve the ground floor. So this morning i started out on the 1st floor. Something occured on the software i was using, and poofff! my ground floor went missing. *slap forehead*

I guess i have to work on using the images that i've captured from the 3D. Tak larat dah nak duduk ni. Will explained in detail in excell lah jawabnya. I hope i can emailed to all the contractors by end of the day.

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