Wednesday, May 22, 2013

His Birthday Our Regret

Yesterday was his 10th birthday. Tapi malangnye kami lupa. Actually cekpen dah ingat last week masa kat bangkok, i pun ada teringat masa duk cakap2 pasal birthday celebration dgn sarah a week before that. Tapi with few things in our mind lately, we had forgotten all bout it until yesterday morning. Especially thinking how we can help him to improve in his learning. Catching up with school work and syllabus getting out of hand lately. Baru lepas mid year exam kan, dgn tusyen and some latih tubi in math n science from me, he is still struggling. Darjah 4 proved to be a real challenge for him. We are worried sick. Seriously. We are partly to be blame i guess. Ye lah kan, takkan semua salah we put it on him kan. There must be something wrong with us too. Cekpen also mention we are too busy with our smartphone. Darn internet n technology. Can't deny that either.

Now the punishment for his recent underachievement was to be banned from any games induce gadget. Cekpen dah seized all his gadget and keep it away until things improved. We are not happy to do this to him, but we are trying our best too. It would do him lots of benefit if he share the same enthusiasm mcm sarah. Stick to me like a velcro with a book and diligently doing the exercises anywhere anytime. He don't have much free time, so if he do just that we could cover a lot more. But he prefer to find any leeway to escape. sigh.

Yg paling nak menitis air mata, lepas our super small makan a piece of cake@ sr mlm tadi, dia cakap " ahhh, i;m so happy". I really hate last night. Definitely not the way i want it to be, so bila dia cakap mcm tu, u know mcm really appreciate it, it really floor me. Then he was only asking for a new black or blue t-shirt for his birthday present. T______T. Cekpen bg duit pagi tadi, suh pi beli t-shirt and new pyjama for him..sob sob.    

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