Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tooth Fairy....

My top right wisdom tooth keep giving me pain lately. My mouth is rather small (doc says), so it's quite difficult to reach there during brushing. So it started to decay and i can feel pain after eating.

End of last year I already had my top left wisdom tooth extracted. So yesterday I went again to get the right side extracted pulak. So now I cacat...sort of... lack of 2 teeth..well actually 5. The other 3 never turn up...hidden somewhere inside my gum.

When i was small, i would have created thousands excuses not to go to see the tooth fairy dentist. Now, dah tua....sakit..cabut sajaaaa...
Anyway, this is the best dentist ever, well ...out of 3 dentist in Puchong that i had their service before.
No pain at all during extraction or scalling or filling. She even advised me not to proceed with crawning (eh dokter tak nak duit ke)...well not until Sarah sihat .
Thanks doc.

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