Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cleaning cooking awayyy

I have this whole week to:-

1) clean the house, arrange everything so that by the time i come back from hospital, probably sometime on the 3rd of April, the mess is bearable.

2) cook extra food to bring to hospital next monday, if not, i would vomit blood if i force myself to eat the healthy hospital food again..yucks!

3) make a list of things that Sarah needs at the hospital.

before she blame me for hundred million times and chanting non stop

"you forget, mother! why you forget!uwaaaaaaa!!!!"

4) make a list of things I need to bring to hospital such as CILI API EXTRA PEDAS, sabun cuci pinggan, PINGGAN PLASTIK, microwave reheatable bowl etc.

5) Grocerries check list and shopping....so that cekpen don't have to run around like 'lipas kudung' next week.

6) Buy another songkok for darwish..songkok hilang ..sigh!

What else????

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