Thursday, March 31, 2011

Praying for miracles....

Today doctor manage to feel Sarah's abdomen. He confirmed again that he can't feel the tumor or the harden liver. Yeaaay! But anyhow, scan still need to be done to confirm the tumor, liver and lymph actual conditions.

He will discuss with the peads surgeon (Prof Ramajunam) later about Sarah case.

Doctor has always asked us to remain positive but at the same time not to expect too much. He is so right. Remember AFP ? Well, i was kinda putting too high hope that it will be single digit before we started the 4th chemo but I was wrong.

I was hoping for miracle actually....well...ideal case...if

AFP =0,

no tumor residue,

liver fully recovered


Then we love happily ever after....T___T

Ok..wake-up wake-up.........I need to be more realistic and of course pray to Allah so that we can go through this journey till the end...and live happily ever after again...T_T

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