Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wishes I get from

My kids.

Tengah que kat KFC last Friday, dpt call dr 'home'.
Masa nak angkat tu, I was like....' pehal ni ..gas abis ke...aduih letih le nak kena balik umah angkat tong gas, gi kedai..antor balik'...thinking my maid yg call.

Rupa2nye awish yg call..

Awish: Mother3x, i i want say..u happy mothers day!'
Me: ooooo.....thank you darwish..thank you!
Awish: Today teacher say happy mothers days! I want say u happy mothers day.
Me: ok..ok..oo..teacher say is it...good..thank you!Is that all?
Awish: Wait3x mother....mina want to say..dont put the phone..mina first.
Me: ok..ok...give mina phone.
Mina: mother3x..emm ..mother..emm..eppi mother day..ok...ok mother eppi mother day..
Me: ok mina..thank you mina...

I can't remember how we ended the conversation..susah nak ingat ckp anak2 i yg half cook German ni.

Btw...they adress me as MOTHER...not mama anymore.
Darwish started calling me mother after he ask me:

" mama, which one is correct, mother, mommy or mama?"

He got confuse with all the books and bahasa pasar.

So my answer was " Mother"

Then he asked again:

" Ayah or Father or Daddy, which one is correct"

I said " Father".

Since then, he started to call us " Mother and father"

Mina mula2 bergaduh2 dgn dia ..trying to correct him back ... she want him to call us mama and ayah. Kadang tu sampai menangis2.
Last2 mina pun terpengaruh...she start to call us Mother and Father after darwish don't want to listen to her.

Orang lain dok gelak je bila dengar diorang panggil both of us mother and father.

What to do! Layan je lah... besar sok tau le derang kan.


Later they give me the cards yg derang buat kat school.
Mina punye confirm cikgu yg buat ..heheh
Darwish tu ada lah nampak hasil kerja tgn dia sendiri...

Dah besar dah anak2 ku...

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  1. so sweet..hehehe.. ni rasa nak ada anak ni.. amik anak angkat leh x?? hahaha