Monday, May 4, 2009

Bapak kena 'ahmar' lagi!

It was a lovely Friday when I decided to go back to my hometown since my last visit which is on February 2009. Taknak tangguh2 lagi sbb takut in the future pun ada hal lain kan. w/pun kali ni cekpen (ayah) tak dpt ikut disebabkan dia berkhidmat utk General Yamashita n Yg berhormat Incik Hj.Ismet U.R., I teruskan jugak niat nak balik jenguk mak n bapak.

Sampai kg around 4 ptg, bapak tgh duduk kat foyer sambil isap rokok daun gulung feveret dia. Nampak sihat. Mak pulak takde kat rumah, she's at my auntie's house. Ada tahlil n majlis cukur jambul.

Lewat ptg mak balik ngan wak siti (s.i.l). She looks happy ... of cos la kan dah anak cucu dia balik.

Semua ok until Sabtu pagi, bapak bgtau dia susah nak gerak tgn kiri dia. Actually I saw his hand masa kat toilet cos the door was not closed properly. But I did not suspect anything. I was snapping pictures of the chicken and goose with Sarah.
Then he came into the house n bgtau mak about it.

We ask him to lie down, tp dia taknak. Nak jugak duduk kat meja makan n finished his breakfast. Then with Epi help he walk to the front foyer. Less than half an hour dia naik kat living hall atas n lie down. Mak was on his side, sapu minyak tanah kat badan dia. I can see his mouth start to sag on one side. I did ask him if he want to go to the hospital but mak said tukang urut won't allow him to take medicine if he want to have urut session.

But that tukang urut actually dah passed away..due to the same illness like all her patient, stroke!. She is so famous in helping those with stroke attack without any fix charges. Meaning you can pay at any rate that you can afford.
Sadly she's no longer here to serve people like bapak.

My brother already left to his kebun...thinking that bapak illnes this time may not be that too.

However things change around 12. Bapak wet his kain pelekat! dia tak rasa nak kencing! We ask him to move to the lazy chair utk change his kain n clean up the carpet..but he can't get up at all! Kebetulan wak Amat (my eldest brother) singgah just to say hi to us. So we ask his help to angkat bapak sbb me, Epi n mak tak larat nak angkat.

Wak Amat quickly inform everyone (mmg bagus tul terciptanya handphone kan). I pun called mini (my sista)..n she was actually at kak long house (my eldest sister) who already heard the news. She also agrees that even hospital can't do much about this kind of illness.

So we just waited at home. Me n mak gilir2 urut bapak. Around 4pm Biran (my brother also) with his wife and kids sampai. Mini n Adib pun ada sama tumpang sekali since her husband still at the sea (gi mancing kat laut).

Since the tukang urut dah meninggal, my brother semua bingung jugaklah. Tak tau nak urut dgn sapa. They keep asking people around, tanya sedara mara, neighbour semua. Then lepas maghrib tu one of wak siti nye sedara bg satu tukang urut nye contact.

So Biran, Peren and Wak Amat angkat bapak masuk keta n bawak gi jumpa tukang urut kat Api2 Pontian. Peren cerita bapak was in agony, tak selesa n can't stay still while waiting the tukang urut. The tukang urut was taking his time before mengurut bapak. I'm not sure why it takes almost 2 hours baru dia start urut. Seems like he was just come back from his works (dia ada kedai makan) and want to rest before start urut.

The urut session finished in half an hour je. Before dia start dia bgtau that the degree of attack was not so serious and can be treated. Lega..oklah.. at least we try what we can do to help bapak.

Sunday morning, bapak boleh duduk sikit with some help. I left at 10.30am...dgn hati yg berat. Kesian kat bapak n kesian kat mak. I can't be there utk tolong apa2 yg patut. Bukan senang jaga org sakit. Mak pun bukannye kuat sangat. Bapak umur dah 79 (on IC, but I believe he's over 80 dah). Mak dah 72. How to take care each other.

Peren kerja jugak, kak maniseh pun kerja. I had a short dicussion with Mini this morning. If things not change, we may want to get help. Kongsi2 lah bayar since we can't make ourself present kat kg. At least can help mak when she need to change the diapers or cook or basuh baju...anything.
And getting a good helper is a big headache..bukan senang nak cari org nak kerja mcm ni.

Hope bapak getting better soon... I really love to see him ride his kapchai...having tea at his feveret warung...pick-up Halimah from school...singgah kedai beli jajan. I know he likes to do that..just get on his kapchai bila2 masa dia nak. I don't mind he spend the money I gave just to hang out. And I do hope mak will stop yelling at him...just let him enjoy his time.

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