Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Lets cerita ceriti sementara menunggu ni. Hari isnin, i start rasa tak selesa. Feel like passing motion berkali2 tapi apa pun takde. Accompanied by strong contraction tapi takde sakit. Malam tu pun i terjaga banyak kali sbb sesak nafas bila ada strong contraction. So bila terjaga tu, i akan stay awake utk timing the interval, hmmm some 20minutes apart some 30 minutes. So tertido balik. Macam tu lah sampai pagi. Sign lain mmg takde.

So cekpen yg dah sampai opis, pagi semalam, mmg tak tenanglah kan, so he ditched his work, came back and hantar i gi sunmed, cos memang semalam ada appointment. He wants to know first hand what the doc going to say sbb petang semalam tu dia dah nak fly ke bangkok. And dia takut jugak le kot i tgh drive through the heavy traffic kat tol sunway tu , then tetiba i in labor.

Walopon contraction very scarce, it does make me tired. Dgn tak cukup tido lagi kan. So when our turn, doc said, IF its already 4,5 cm, she will just put me on drips (induce) to expedite the process. Tapi kan, bila check, its only 2cm...sigh! And the head not close enuf for her to put me on drips. So the only option is to wait. 

Waiting tu lah yg buat cekpen lagi fening. Nak pergi ke tak. I mean if i terus admitted, it was easier to ditch bangkok, but since thats not the case, pening lah dia nak decide kan. So balik rumah and fikir dulu. Since my contraction sama je since the nite before, i told him, its ok to go. Lagipun takde big sign yg indicate that i really in labor. Doctor pun cakap it may take some time but most probably this week. If not than just continue the routine check up next week.

Around 12 camtu, he told me that the HR manage to consult bangkok on his situation, so they change his presentation timing. He will be the first delegate to present and once he finished he can skip others and catch earliest flight to KL. Alhamdullilah. He supposed to catch his flight at 11am today. Lega sangat. Hope everything goes well over there right at this moment.

I pulak restraint myself from moving around much, cos nak delay until cekpen comes back hehe. I nak le cekpen ada time baby keluar kan, and i'm sure he wants that too. Bukan senang nak dapat peluang macam tu. Those yg dah go through must knew the feelings you get kan.

So in the end we wait lah. Anak sedara i ada sorang kat sini, stand by just in case. And timing just nice, sbb petang ni dia ada kelas, and cekpen sepatutnya dah sampai masa tu. 

Anyway, i talk to baby and give him few date to choose, 1, 3, 10, 11 or 13 october. 1 is out oredi. So he still have 4 to choose from hehehe. Sebabnye ...errrrr it will generate nice mykids id number kah kah kah.