Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pat on the back

I have to go to Sunway Pyramid on monday sbb nak repair nintendo awish yg tetiba tak boleh charging. Dari rumah lagi dah keep a mantra in my mind "lepas fix game balik, don't buy anything". Sunway Pyramid or any other malls is very2 alluring. Seriously. Unless u are not a women. The temptation is strong. Very strong. Stronger than any dotcom dotnet blogspot shops. Sebab u can see,u can touch, u can feel, u can try, u can oohh, u can aahhhh.....and if u have a friend who tag along, u might not survived. Friends is a bad influence. They always say nice things. Everything nice, cantik..sesuai and u end up at cashier counter with things u don't really need. 

Anywayyyyy.....turn out awish's nintendo charger je yg rosak. Lepas pusing2 i dapat beli yg compatible at twenty hengget instead of original namploh hengget. Then instead of heading back, i decided its harmless to window shopping. Really. Window shopping only. After half an hour, i headed home with a new nintendo charger only.

Can you feel it?

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