Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Losing a friend

Kesian Sarah. Baru ada best friend sekejap, then best friend dah hilang. Zoey, she's a cute sikh/benggali girl. Today teacher confirmed her parents already take her out from Real Kids for good. Wonder where she goes and why her parents choose to take her to another kindy. Since she's gone, Sarah asyiklah menangis bila sampai kat kelas. So pagi tadi promise her that we are going to ioi mall after school.

Sarah get little shopping therapy. Make her promised not to cry at school again. She make me promise to go to hotel again to play sand castle, ride horse, swimming pool..*sigh*. Told her to wait until school holiday again (many2 times oredi..huwaaa), but she just don't bugde. Nak jugak gi hotel....T________T.

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