Thursday, February 16, 2012

About colagen

Ada reader tanya about the colagen effect on me. Nak dig balik entry yg dia komen to jauh kebelakang sangat dah. So if u reading this, its for u.

I try 3 brand. First Lennox , takde effect apa sangat. Then kinohimitsu, after the 2 weeks, skin moisture balance quite well, even malas pakai moisturizer pun nampak ok je. After sometime, perasan lah macam plum sikit which might be due to the skin always feel moist. Better skin tone, but takdelah become fair, cuma balance kot, takde patch2. Skin become soft for sure.

Then try pulak colla-plus, due to overwhelming advertising, hehe. But it does not improved anything beyond what kinohimitsu did to my skin. Lama jugaklah try colla, i think 4,5 kotaklah but no result. Then, i stopped using any colagen drink....well not because i'm not happy with the result, actually i'm more happy to continue drink it everyday (kino or colla, doesnt matter), it was because the big event that happen last year, which does not permit any fund towards maintaining my skin nourishment supply. In short, i donch have money to spend hahahaaaaa.

Conclusion in point form, the result of drinking colagen drink.
1. Skin become soft due to balance moist.
2. Not oily.
3. Not patchy, flacky or dry.
4. A littleeeee bit fair or glowy.
5. Bedak last for-evahhhh bila kita pakai...( i ni pakai either bedak compact or 2 way cake sajok)
6.A littleee bit plum ala botox...hahaha....( i notice this after i stop using it, cos semua gambar selepas tak pakai adalah sedikit kerepot, if u know what i mean).
7. Most of dark spot due to bekas jerawat etc become nearly invisible....nearly.
8. New breakout, does not leave any mark or black spot ( i experienced small breakout once in a while)
9. Black head shy away....adalah but tak banyak.

Tu je....hope this answer your question.

Last sekali, when i stop using it, my skin start to get very itchy, dry, and flacky. It need quite sometime to settle down without the colagen. And i lost all that i gain....i mean alllllll of it, yg i list kat atas tu.


  1. Tertarik hati nak comment about collagen after reading ur entry.
    I took colla plus (2 kotak besar), happy bcoz all positive effects like u mentioned BUT a big downside for me: my period datang every 2 weeks for 2 months (siksa) and my face macam terlebih botox n puffy. So i stopped.

  2. Sparkly, the good effect tempting but if mess up mens cycle not really worth it la kan. Anyway we knew the product works rite to get a few years of youth feelings hehe.

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