Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mommyct sila bertenang...

In point:

1) Struggling with Sarah.

2) My mom kena chicken pox jugak...she's 74! Jangkit from mina for sure. Already quarantine in Klang, at my sister house, duhhh..pity her sangat2 .

3) My mother in law admitted due to food poisoning. She's emmm ok i forgot her age but she's older than my mom and really fragile.

4) I donno if i have taken any chicken pox jab or not...cannot remember. But I memang tak penah kena lagi...mintak dijauhkan...not now please, Ya Allah tolonglah hambamu ini.

5) Some issues at the shop.

Maybe i need to count all the blessing that i have so that my mind will not focus on the 5 items listed above.


  1. saya pun dah tua2 baru kena chicken pox, time kecik dulu, kalo dengar kengkawan kena chicken pox, saya sanggup tak kluar umah.

  2. memang risau sebab you nak kena jaga sarah... mudah2an Allah mudahkan

  3. rupanya chicken pox ni memang tak kenal usia ye! hadoii kesian u mother n hopefully u pun tak kenalah..