Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cast Away

Last night I noticed Mina getting flu. srot srottt...making sound before she went to bed. So I told her that today after school she need to see a doctor. I don't want the virus spreads around the house and somehow get their way to Sarah. NO, I will try to prevent this.

Then when she wakes up, Mina complained she has a headache. Thinking that it may be due to her block nose, i still asked her to go to school.

Later in the afternoon, while i was cooking, she came back from school. She start mumbling something that i cannot hear properly as my cooker hood fan is on and making loud noise. She came to me with her vanity princess mirror, and shows me her itchy neck.

I bent down to have a better look and to my horror the itchy-bitsy-spider red thingy spot has a bubble!


READ ME.....


Check all over her body, huh...all the red spot started to come out. Ya Allah....that's all I can say.

I called cekpen immediately.

Then quickly changed her, cleaned her nail color, cut her nails, asked her to wear face mask and quarantine her in her bedroom. She had a special room service for her lunch too. Lunch while watching 'Barbie err...something Rainbow' movie in a private room...macam hotel!

Sarah knew something is not right, she willing to climb up the stairs but did not enter Mina's room. She went to Darwish room and cried there. So Mina luxurious lunch has to be cut short.

Cekpen arrived around 2pm. He bring Mina to the panel clinic with a bag full of Mina's cloth. She has to stay somewhere else...and its gonna be a loooooonngggg break from school and home. Sooo kesian anak mama yg sorang ni.

Until now still pening how she can cope without us at mak chek house. How long can we leave her there? 2 weeks is too long but thats is the safest time frame to get her germs free when she come back home.

Adoyaiiii.....can somebody sent her to Disneyland? Sure that 2 weeks is very fast over there.

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