Monday, February 7, 2011


Dah boleh adjust sikit-sikit to our new lifestyle. Oh jangan salah sangka plak, bukan lifestyle apa, lifestyle yg memerlukan i jaga Sarah and juggle other things in life.

Penat?...ya memang penat. But life goes on. Dengan mood swing yg kalah mak buyung, sangat mencabar kesabaran jugak lah. Tapi i know that kalau dia tak sakit dia tak akan suka2 get soo cranky aaaallllll the time. So I just ikutkan aje kehendaknya.

She's soo skinny , dah macam anak orang afrika plak sekali pandang cuma kulit cokelat, tak gelap hehe. Rambut still intact. Since CNY she has been eating quite well. Milk intake pun dah increase to almost 20oz daily, Alhamdullilah.

I akan buat dressing on her stiches twice/week dan flushing her chemo pot once a week. And today is flushing she gonna scream her lung out lah for sure.

Tomorrow another worker will come to work at my laundry shop, hopefully she's responsible and have the right attitude so that i can get my maid to come back at home whenever Sarah has to undergo her chemotherapy at SDMC.

My worries is the shop monthly collection. Will it be able to pay for one more additional staff? Even though the trend for the past 4 month is quite good but i do afraid if its goes down. If the increment keep on going up, then insyallah it will be able to sustain all operation cost inclusive 2 staff salary.....well I leave that to the rezeki Allah have for me. Can't do much now so i 'll pray for the best.


  1. baru hari ni baca blog chekpen, baru harini tau pasal sara. insyaallah kita sama2 berdoa sara akan sembuh, kuasa tuhankan, kita tak tau apa yg akan jadi lepas ni. kirim salam syang dari kami sekeluarga utk sara

  2. sis, hv not been blogwalking for ages. andjust today got toknow abt sarah's condition. myprayers for her to get better..... i admit, i read your post for nearly 10 times over and over, just tomake sure i hv read correctly. again, my prayers for ur family....

  3. mamasyaza -thanks doakan yg terbaik ye.

    SHM - thanks a lot..:) Allah loves us ..thats for sure.