Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Memory Loss! was really a joke of the day.
It was yesterday btw when this happen.
I had a meeting in Proton at 11am.
3 of us attending the meeting.
So after the meeting we need to carry back a spoiler.
I asked my staff to carry it and exit from the Main Guard House (for inspection thingy). So I told him I will pick him up there bcos I park my car at the back Guard House.
So somehow while I keep on reminding myself that I need to pick him up at the main Guard house (which I oso did inform my other companion about it)in between getting our IC back, get in the car, talking and waiting to get into the main road.....I forgot.
Suddenly I just FORGET.
I drive all the way back to office. About 2km away from my office than my phone ring. I saw the number and like S.H.I.T !.....
Me: elo!
Guy: Kak, u leave me behind ka?
Me: Yeaaa....sowi...I fetch u after send XXX back to ofis k

My memory reaaaalllly baaaaadddddd!

I coudn't stop my staff ...and she was like 'huh! how come kakak forget?!!!
Call my hubby too.....and he burst ..muahahaha!

ooo..yeah I did scold my other companion for not reminding me when we pass by the Main Guard House ...GGrrrrrr! and he was like ....muahahaha (just can't stop laughing) sori3...ti..aku tak igt lah dok sembang nye pasal!...Caitttt!!!!


  1. ini mcm pun ada kaa...hehehe..pasni jgn kasi tinggal itu 3 org kids yaaa

  2. Kak, don't worry, all old people are like that, not to mention your are the most senior here. Get use to it. You will enjoy! HAHAHAHAHA

  3. hahaha...cuba bayangkan masa mamat tu cakap "Kak, u leave me behind ka?" Musti muka cam hampeh..kikikiki..