Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lunch Alone!

Well, today like most of other working days, I had my lunch alone. I had my kuew tiew (spelling?) tomyam at TAZA Bandar Putri.

Sometime I do feel lonely here (in my daily working life) but I guess I choose to be lonely. Why? I can join other ladies or guys like i used to before....but sometime alone is better.

Less mengumpat about other colik, less complaint about bosses and the company and less talk about work. Cos normally I would just sit and watch whatever drama shown(if got tv) or quickly finish up my lunch and have my quicky shopping therapy ( if i go to Giant, Tesco or IOI Mall).

The not so good thing is normally I spent more money cos always buy some small-but-very-good/interesting-can-be-use-later products either for myself or the kids.

But once a while if anyone wants to join me for lunch, it is much welcome....I do enjoy company :). Cos alone sometime make me feel like 'kera sumbang'...

1 comment:

  1. Kak, in future, kalau you nak kita 3 orang join you for lunch, cakap saja ler....But I agree...we need times alone, to escape from everyone, kids and work stresses, so that we can think of..."Are we living as what we hope to be?" :-)