Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Heart Breaking

It has been three days since we last saw him. Rindu sangat dah. Kening hilang di spk. Sabtu malam ahad, masa kitorang nak keluar makan, dia ada kat porch dgn comel and mimi. Balik makan mimi je ada, and dia nampak a bit takut and nak masuk rumah cepat. Comel and kening takde. I tunggu for them to come back, i'm worried sebab this is their first time there. Comel show up depan cermin folding door around 12 midnite. Waited again for Kening tapi takde. We've searched and waited for him sampai ahad malam, lepas tu have to go back to puchong sbb cekpen kerja esoknya, and budak2 start tusyen. I have made appointment nak servis kereta. So tawakal tinggal carrier dia and some food.

Today, i dapat pergi lagi untuk cari dia. Bawa comel, on leash, kot dia boleh hidu kening. Comel exhausted sgt sbb panas, so let her rest after one hour of searching. After lunch sambung cari lagi bila cuaca mendung. Still tak nampak kelibat dia T______T. I tebalkan muka, mintak tolong blogger/igers yg duduk situ tolong tengokkan and sebarkan. 

Rasa tak keruan, dok teringat kening. Risaukan makan tido dia.....hujan panas. Kening sangat domesticated, doesn't know how to hunt or foraging for food. He scared of people, especially men. 

I missed his antics and manjanes. When i'm cooking, he will place his foreleg on the table top. Yes he can reach it by standing up. He will asked me to open the laundry door, sbb nak tunggu lipas lalu situ and tangkap buat main. He will scratch the door if he was trap there. If i tak layan, he will lay down on teh kitchen mat. 
He would come to me to gesel2 muka. Selalu jeles dgn zafri. Masa i solat he would sit on my sejadah and look at me. If he were to escape from the house, the kids will ask me to get him back. He would come out from his hiding place when i call. 

If he couldn't find his way home, i hope someone found him and take him in.  And i'm still hoping to be reunited with him, tak kiralah cepat ke lambat. Amiiinnnn.

And to make it worse, comel has been depressed ever since kening went missing.
She just lay down, hardly eat, not playing at all. If she move to stretch her body, then she'll find another place to lie down again.
She just stay like that for hours. She's finding solace on top of bibik former room staircase.
Or on top of our chest of drawer.
Or on the kain buruk. 
She haven't done this in a while, but tadi dia buat. Cium ketiak cekpen. Bila cekpen gi mandi, she's stay like that not moving  even lepas cekpen dah habis mandi.
She looked utterly miserable. Poor comel. Kening tu adik beradik dia, sure dia pun rindu and terasa sangat kehilangan.

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  1. Comel2 gebunya kucing.
    Yg mana nama 'Kening'.. kenapa bagi nama 'Kening'?
    Unique nye..