Friday, February 8, 2013


Interesting. 2 hari lepas installed macam2 aps pasal nak track workout dgn calories intake. Byk yg tak bg full version so takleh pakai. Ni satu ni kira yg okaylah boleh adjust. Tapi calories semua kena refer kat kevin cekodok web. Kira-kira berapa banyak badan kita perlukan calories to sustain its function pun cari kat cekodok jugak. So selepas di kira-kira, i need 1900kCal. Tapi kat aps atas ni kata i need 1714kCal...whatever lah kita anggap approximation only. Anyhow, what i discovered was, i've been eating much less than what my body required if i keep on doing my workout. Thats my understandinglah. Does that mean my body will burn the unwanted fat? Eh salah, its not unwanted fat. i want to keep the fat, but i need to relocate or distribute it more evenly. heheh. Can we teach them to go where we want them to go?

Then teringat my weight gain last year. And bila kira2 what my body need months ago when i'm not doing much to no workout, i need about 1485kCal. I keep on gaining weight...steadily since lepas raya tahun lepas. Dari 46 to 51. Now i have a theory, sometime last year, my body metabolisme going down, so when i was eating normally, my body did not burn it as it used to be hence the weight gain. 

I thought i would never keep an ounce of fat but i guess i was wrong. Bazir duhet je dulu2 beli weight gain produk, naiknye 4 kilo, turun lagi 2 kilo. Rupanya my solution was wait until i'm 36++ years old. The fat were happily residing between my waist to my knee. Only i would be happier it they also want to fill up my cheek, chest, arms and legs. They did not of course, hence my current predicament.

So, looking back, i start to jog in mid november, bila cuti sekolah dah start. Nothing much change, my weight keep on dwindling between 49-50 depending on how much i've eaten for the day. Lately with workout, my weight is consistent at 48++. 48 is a good number, good because it will keep me in the healthy BMI range and keep my conscience at ease because i can convince myself, i'm generally ok...ok ok, not sticky thin but ok albeit a bit buncit. 

Yesterday, i buat experiment, i add more calories by snacking a lot,konon nak achieve calories target mcm kat atas tu . End up at night my weight shoot up to 49.9 and reduce to 49.2 this morning. Padahal before that i was at 48++,  when i had little snacking. Itu takpelah kot kan sebab small kilos apa sangat kan butttttttttttttt.... physically my round tummy (i can't see my toes!) is really something that i don't want to endure....even it was at night time. Its really disturbing when i can see it when i'm laying down. Macam belon ada isi air, feeling wobbly mcm jelly. 

That is why i eat very little nowdays, to keep buncit at bay. At the same time doing my workout to burn the calories or fat whatever, (even though technically my calorie intake is wayyyy below target that i don't need to burn it away) then some weight lifting to strengthen the muscle. Its a long journey. If tetiba pregnant??? Eh takpe, pregnant takyah sorok kan......=P. Tapi kalau tak pregnant then orang tanya pregnant mmg le.


  1. dah lama x main kira kira calories.. mmg diet asyik ke laut je skrg..

  2. hehe my diet skrg kena makan lebih tapi tekak pulak lah tak jalan. so lembik le tak cukup tenaga pastu still ke gym lg.