Monday, March 19, 2012

Have Faith

The movie "Seefood" is awful. Fortunately the kids still enjoy it, well except for Sarah who had to answer 'natures call' in the middle of the movie, but i force her to wait. Cruel hah? Sometime i'm really at the edge of my worst temper whenever Sarah need to pass motion. Its ok when we were at home, but she always...always need to 'go' when we were out and about.

I was having a hard time controlling my temper on saturday due to this. We were at KLCC, went there by train, everyone happy, waiting for our lunch at Nandos, then Sarah need to do her business. Fine, food not yet served, so i bring her to the nearest restroom, but the que is long. Nevertheless, we wait and get inside one of the cubicle after 5minutes or so. Its a squatting type, messy and no hand biget. They do have the water coming from the back, i hate it because i knew it couldn't reach Sarah back! But I couldn't go out and que again to get the sitting toilet cos she can't hold on much longer. Not going to go to the detail how we manage to wash her back here. So after everything done, we back at nandos.

In the middle of our lunch Sarah said she need to 'go' AGAIN!!! Arghhhhh.
Determined not to get another squatting cubic and long que, so i bring her to another restroom upstair, only to find out that i have to pay RM2 per entry, and i didn't bring my money! Oh my! I go back down to get my money, dragging Sarah along, and go back up there, pay RM4 and get it done. You must be thinking, why i didn't try to go to other free restroom at another floor. Well if i have to pay RM4 here, the toilet MUST be clean rite! and I WANT a clean toilet with water. Luckily it is clean, sitting type, and the water can reach sarah back temper subside immediately.

I have always remind myself to be grateful with Sarah condition. I knew its getting better even though it takes quite a long time. Since April 2011, until now, its definitely getting better. I just have to have patient and faith. Everything will be back to normal, InsyaAllah.


  1. akak pun kdg2 camtu, hilang sabar ngan karenah anak-anak. kecik cara kecik, yang makin membesar ni cara lain pulak. nak marah terlampau-lampau rasa cam tak sesuai sgt. kdg2 masuk dlm bilik menjerit kuat2...perghhhh rasa lega ckit.
    sama2 la kita berdoa semoga kita diberi tahap kesabaran yg kuat dlm mendidik anak2 kita. insyallah

  2. memang kerenah anak ni sgt mencabar keimanan hehehe

    but then, bersyukurlah dgn sarah yg semakin what you said. biarlah dia byk ragam janji dia sihatkan?

    Arwah anak I dulu pun byk sgt perangai, mmg rasa nak marah je tapi bila fikirkan keadaan dia simpan jekla dalam hati (kdg kdg burst jugak hehehehe)

    enjoy your day with sarah and other 2 okeh.